Presentable clothing for a wealth of job functions

    2019 - Models, Man, Woman talking, Shirt, Polo shirt for women
    Tue, 05 Nov 2019
    MASCOT is launching a collection of stylish and comfortable clothing that, with its presentable appearance, caters to the service industry and any other industries that involve customer contact. MASCOT's corporate wear products include products specifically designed for both women and men.

    MASCOT’s corporate wear products are light, formal. And they are not only comfortable to wear, but they also looks smart and professional, which means that you don’t need to compromise on comfort when you have to look presentable. The products have been developed to stay looking nice and neat all day long. The trousers and skirts are made from 100% stretch material, which has a nice, presentable appearance, while also being durable enough for repeated wear.

    Presentable company identity

    MASCOT's corporate wear products are ideal for those who work in an office, store or behind a service desk. The range includes shirts in different colours, fabric qualities and fits, as well as elegant knitwear. You will also find trousers and skirts in 100% stretch material. The trousers and skirt for women have been designed in two different fits: PEARL and DIAMOND, so that all women get products that fit optimally and provide full freedom of movement at work.

    Multiple combination possibilities

    There are plenty of options for combining the corporate wear products and creating different sets. You can easily combine the products with MASCOT’s additional ranges. This allows companies to create a high-profile company image across all functions.

    2019 - Models, Men, Woman talking, Shirt, Polo shirt for women , Trousers, Skirt, Knitted Jumper

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