Corporate wear

    Stylish, comfortable and presentable products aimed at the service industry and any other industries involving customer contact. MASCOT’s corporate wear products are comfortable to wear and look smart and professional. This means that you won't need to compromise on comfort to look presentable.

    The products are light, formal and very durable. They are designed to make you look presentable all day long, and without the fabric creasing or crinkling after just a few hours of wear.

    Presentable company identity through clothing

    If you spend your working day in an office, a store or behind a service desk, MASCOT’s corporate wear products are the perfect choice for you. You'll find trousers and skirts made from 100% stretch fabric, shirts in a variety of colours, qualities and fits and elegant knitwear with a high content of merino wool.

    Multiple combination possibilities

    There are plenty of options for combining different sets. You can combine the products with MASCOT's entire assortment, such as polo shirts or T-shirts from MASCOT® CROSSOVER. This allows companies to create a high-profile company image across all work functions. MASCOT also offers you the option to have your company logo printed or embroidered on the clothing.