Safety is at its highest

    2020 - MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY -Safety Boot F0220-902 -Metatarsal protection
    Thu, 30 Jul 2020
    If you work in an environment where there is a risk of falling objects, slippery surfaces or pressure from heavy loads, then sturdy safety footwear is particularly important for your safety. MASCOT's newly developed safety boots provide extra safety from pressure and impact to the metatarsal area, and are the ideal choice if your instep is particularly exposed in your job.

    To achieve the highest level of safety, it is essential that you choose footwear that suits your job function.

    The sole is crucial for your footing

    If you work mainly on varied, uneven terrain, it is particularly important to have secure footing. If you walk and stand without being in full control of your balance, you risk straining both your legs and back while you work. If you stand without secure footing, your body will need to work extra hard to keep you balanced, on top of performing a job function. So always be aware of the sole you have on your safety footwear.

    It is the safety footwear's sole material and sole pattern that is key to how you 'grip' surfaces. In the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY collection, all safety boots comply with the highest standard for slip resistant soles (SRC). Furthermore, the sole material is made from PU/rubber, which has been specially developed for challenging environments, and is heat-resistant up to 300° C of contact heat. PU/rubber is also shock-absorbing, contributing to a high level of comfort.

    Safety footwear with special properties

    The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY collection offers sturdy safety footwear, including the new F0220-902 safety boot, which provide extra protection against pressure to the metatarsal area and which minimise the risk of impact and breaks. Metatarsal protection is integrated in the boots' upper and is designed to be completely unnoticeable while you walk or work. The boots also come with composite toe cap, which are neither cold or heat conductive, as well as anti-static, shock-absorbing insoles, which are particularly durable and easy to remove.


    MASCOT’s support insoles (FT090, FT091, FT092) are certified for these boots, so they can be used without the boots losing their certification.


    The F0220-902-09 safety boots are currently in stock and can be bought/ordered from MASCOT's distributors.