New all-round functional underwear

    Functional Under Shirt-model
    Mon, 17 Aug 2020

    Perfect for work all year round

    The new MASCOT underwear is suitable for all manner of outdoor activities in both hot and cold weather. The underwear is made from an extra light fabric, weighing just 130 g/m2. Thanks to the fabric's special composition, the underwear feels temperature-regulating. It is ultra breathable, and moisture is efficiently led away from the skin so that the body stays dry and is not subjected to cooling. Meanwhile, the outer fabric works as a light insulating layer. It is elastic and closely follows the body's movements, just like an extra layer of skin.

    Minimises odours

    The new underwear contains polypropylene fibres, which minimise odours in the product. It is also washable at 60 degrees, so that bacteria are easily removed from the clothing. It is quick-drying and does not require much drying after a spin cycle. This gives you an extremely flexible product, which can be used anytime, anywhere.

    When working in cold environments and/or predominantly still/seated positions, use this type of functional underwear as an inner layer under several insulating layers. This new range of underwear is available in a neutral colour combination of dark anthracite/black, and in four product variants: long underpants, two long-sleeved vests, of which one has a roll-neck, and a short-sleeved vest.

    MASCOT now offers seven lines of functional underwear within three categories:

    •   Moisture wicking underwear - ideal for hot days (three different ranges)
    •   All-round underwear - both moisture wicking and lightly insulating (two different ranges)
    •   Extra insulating and moisture wicking for extra cold days (two different ranges)


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