Boxer Shorts

    At MASCOT, you will find comfortable boxer shorts, which can be used for both work and leisure. It is essential to be able to dress in comfortable clothes from inner to outer layer to get maximum comfort through the work day. The MASCOT boxer shorts are a great choice as the inner layer of clothing situated against the skin. You can benefit from combining the boxer shorts with additional underwear from MASCOT; for example an undershirt with or without sleeves.

    Functional materials

    MASCOT offers boxer shorts of lightweight materials. Some are insulating, moisture wicking and antibacterial so you can keep warm and dry. The material’s moisture wicking properties makes the product able to dry quickly, which is essential in order to maintain a good body temperature during physically active work days and to avoid cooling of the body. The antibacterial properties are very practical in clothing that is worn directly against the skin. Boxer shorts from MASCOT are carried in a variety of neutral colours.

    Comfort in focus

    At MASCOT, you get boxer shorts with a high level of comfort and a good fit. The shorts are developed in an elastic material that adapts to the shape of the body, which gives you optimum freedom of movement to do your job. The MASCOT boxer shorts are also seamless and feature interwoven washing instructions so nothing bothers when you wear them during a full work day.