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    Sun, 11 Oct 2020
    If you work outdoors in all sorts of weather, then it is a good idea to dress yourself in layers. A good thermal jacket or gilet is a great alternative as the outer layer in the milder months and works perfectly as an insulating middle layer in winter.

    With autumn fast approaching, it is time to start thinking about whether your workwear wardrobe is up to the task of keeping you warm and comfortable all throughout the working day. If you are sure to dress in layers correctly, you will be able to get rid of excess heat when working intensely and also prevent your body from getting cold and wet when the activity level drops again. Thermal clothing with an insulating lining will help your body to maintain a stable temperature all throughout the working day.

    Dress in layers

    With physical work, it is important that the body is able to get rid of moisture, so we do not end up wet or damp. That is why you should choose a moisture wicking T-shirt for your inner layer. Most of us work at different activity levels over the course of the day, which is why it is important that our bodies do not get cold during more idle or stationary periods.

    A good thermal jacket is a great way to quickly add an extra layer that can use the body's own excess heat to maintain a stable temperature. On especially cold, windy or rainy days, you can also add a third outer layer for protection against the elements.

    Advanced lightweight lining with excellent insulation properties

    MASCOT uses CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation in most of its thermal products – a lightweight lining made from polyester. CLIMASCOT® can be compressed so that it takes up hardly any space at all. This makes it easy to bring a thermal jacket with you on the go that you can easily tuck away into your bag if the sun comes out later on in the day. Polyester stabilises the lining so that it retains its shape and insulating properties whenever it is unpacked again.

    CLIMASCOT® is breathable and quick drying which makes it especially well suited for days where the activity level varies. It allows the body to get rid of excess heat and moisture generated when you are at work while still keeping you warm and dry during the less active parts of the day. This means you stay comfortable all throughout the day.

    Insulating gilets and jackets for men and women

    In the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range, you will find thermal gilets and thermal jackets with a CLIMASCOT® lining and in fits for both men and women. The low weight of the lining means that our thermal products will feel light and will not obstruct your movements at work.


    Woman MIX colours – and retain a streamlined look 

    You can mix and match our thermal products with other products in the range or from the rest of MASCOT’s assortment. Both our jackets and gilets are available in six different colours: Black, dark anthracite, dark navy, azure blue, signal red and grass green. If you would prefer an alternative product to our thermal jackets and gilets then our fleece jumpers and knitted jumpers can also work well as an insulating layer – or as an extra insulating layer on those bitingly cold days.


    18015-318 MASCOT® ACCELERATE Jacket with CLIMASCOT® lining

    18065-318 MASCOT® ACCELERATE Winter gilet with CLIMASCOT® lining


    18025-318 MASCOT® ACCELERATE Jacket with CLIMASCOT® lining, women's fit

    18078-318 MASCOT® ACCELERATE Winter gilet with CLIMASCOT® lining, women's fit