EU's new ambassador to Laos visits MASCOT

    2020_Ina Marciulionyte_Poul Skov Pedersen_MASCOT Laos
    Thu, 05 Nov 2020
    Ina Marciulionyte began her post as the new ambassador of the EU Delegation to Laos just two months ago. For her first visit outside the capital of Vientiane, she chose to visit MASCOT Laos. The EU Delegation is the EU's embassy and serves the purpose of improving relations with the Laotian government and its population.

    Accompanying Ina Marciulionyte, in addition to a number of employees from the EU Delegation, were representatives from the embassies of EU countries, the Laotian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Laotian Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Laotian Ministry of Planning and Investment. Also participating were board members and staff from the European Chamber of Commerce, who were partly sponsored by the EU Delegation.

    The EU ambassador hoped that the visit would yield deeper insights into one of the most prominent standard-setting European companies in Laos while also providing a first-hand look at an industrial park which is subject to other statutory requirements than those of general society. MASCOT therefore arranged a presentation from the organisation that administers the industrial park where MASCOT is based.

    During the visit, the ambassador was particularly interested in looking further at Laos' position as a potential investment country from the perspective of European countries. There was thus great interest in what MASCOT considers to be the challenges and opportunities facing companies who might choose to establish a presence in Laos and how they can learn and benefit from MASCOT's own experience.

    The ambassador was glad to hear about MASCOT's positive experience of running a factory in Laos and the stable conditions and dedicated employees that MASCOT has.

    After the presentation, the visitors were taken on a tour of the factory where the manufacturing process was presented in further detail.

    2020_Ina Marciulionyte_Poul Skov Pedersen_MASCOT Laos