Christian Lundgaard accelerates with MASCOT

    2020_Michael Grosbøl_MASCOT WORKWEAR_Christian Lundgaard_Motorsport rookie
    Fri, 06 Nov 2020
    Motorsports talent Christian Lundgaard takes yet another step towards his dream of becoming the next Dane in Formula 1 with strong backing from Danish workwear producer MASCOT.

    "I am really pleased that MASCOT has selected me to represent them on the Danish and international markets," says Christian Lundgaard. "Motorsports is a huge platform and I am very much looking forward to helping spread awareness of their brand. MASCOT can help me on my journey towards Formula 1 and I can help bring them greater exposure and awareness. Motorsports is a complex and technically advanced sport with a firm focus on results. It is also an innovative sport characterised by a constant need to outperform – all values that align with MASCOT's products and development, so I am confident that together we can generate great value for one another."

    For MASCOT, it makes good sense to support Christian Lundgaard in his dream to compete in the heavyweight championship of the motorsports world, Formula 1. As MASCOT's managing director Michael Grosbøl puts it: "Christian is a rising star with a professional approach and an exceptional work ethic. Besides aligning with our values, he also boasts the profile of somebody who is more than capable of achieving their goals. And if we can help to pave the way for Christian's dream and a new era in Danish motorsports, then that would be nothing short of an honour." 

    MASCOT and motorsports are a natural match

    MASCOT's managing director Michael Grosbøl is not just a huge fan of motorsports himself, but he also leads a company which for years has provided continuous support to motorsports all across Europe. "Many of our customers have a huge interest in motorsports and thanks to this new sponsorship deal, they can look forward to yet more motorsports experiences in the years to come. The sponsorship deal will also garner exposure for the MASCOT brand which is something that generates great value for us in all the right places," says Michael Grosbøl on the commercial prospects of MASCOT's new partnership with Christian Lundgaard.

    Lundgaard's team will also benefit from being joined in the pit by a company with a solid reputation for designing and producing workwear of the highest quality. The team will be fully kitted out in clothing from the MASCOT® ACCELERATE range as well as MASCOT footwear. MASCOT's products are designed with an overriding focus on ensuring optimum freedom of movement for its users. Their clothing leaves ample space for activity, efficiency and dynamism – crucial elements in most workplaces, and not least in the workshop and in the pit.

    2020_Christian Lundgaard_car
    Through this primary sponsorship deal with Christian Lundgaard and his team, the company hopes to increase their focus on talent development and brand awareness via motorsports.

    Christian currently occupies fourth place in the overall rankings ahead of the final two race weekends of the 2020 Formula 2 season.