Have you got STRETCH in your workwear wardrobe

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    Sun, 15 Nov 2020
    You spend more time in your workwear each day than you do in your leisurewear. But is your workwear just as comfortable to wear as what you put on at home?

    We have become accustomed to leisure clothes and even jeans made from stretch materials that are elasticated and which provide fantastic comfort whenever we move around. Now you can enjoy the same qualities from the types of hi-vis clothing often worn for protection in an ever-increasing range of jobs and sectors. MASCOT's extensive new range of hi-vis clothing is made from durable stretch materials while still retaining their certified visibility to keep you safe and protected at work. 

    Certified visibility in accordance with EN ISO 20471

    High visibility and optimum freedom of movement can be easily combined. With MASCOT's products in 100% stretch, you are guaranteed exceptional comfort all throughout the working day while still meeting the high visibility requirements according to EN ISO 20471. The trousers are also suitable for industrial washing at temperature of up to 60° C.

    Once stretch, always stretch

    "Trousers you simply don't want to take off!" – This was the reaction we got from tradesman after tradesman whenever MASCOT launched its first range of stretch work trousers in non-hi-vis colours. Since then, black, white and blue stretch workwear trousers have become a stable in many workwear wardrobes. And once you feel the comfort of stretch workwear trousers, there is just simply no going back. That is why MASCOT is now also launching stretch trousers in a hi-vis edition as part of its new range, MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE. The fluorescent and stretch trouser fabric is lightweight, highly durable and boasts a water-repellent finish. It has a soft and supple back which, in combination with its flexible qualities, means that you will hardly notice the trousers against your skin. The pockets are also designed so that they can be filled to the brim without impacting your freedom of movement.

    Sharp lines for a sporty look

    It is not enough for your workwear to simply feel comfortable. Your clothing needs to look the part, too. That is why clothing in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range boasts an innovative and athletic design. Segmented and asymmetrical reflectors give the products a dynamic and slimming look. Moreover, the reflectors are also segmented for a more modern appearance and design. The reflectors are made from an elasticated material which offers the same great freedom of movement. In addition to reflectors, sharp contrasting details also help to bring out an athletic look in the range. These contrasts emphasise the body's natural lines of motion and bring a dynamic and agile appearance to the workwear.

    Hi-vis clothing for all

    MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE is a two-tone range which encompasses products from top to toe and from base layer to outer layer in many different colour combinations and sizes. Trousers in the range are available in different material options such as 100% stretch, stretch zones and no stretch at all. And of course, qualities such as visibility and comfort are naturally not just for men. With MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE, women too can put together a complete workwear wardrobe featuring everything from T-shirts and jackets through to trousers and skirts. All specially designed with the female figure in mind. See our wide selection here: