Hi-vis safety trousers – visible, stretchy and very durable

    ACCELERATE SAFE Hi-vis Trousers Man
    Wed, 05 May 2021
    No matter whether you work in the forest, by the railway track or on the construction site, visibility and freedom of movement are crucial. With our new MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE trousers, you can enjoy lightweight, durable and stretchy hi-vis trousers.

    How many hours do you work in a year? Presumably enough that only the very best workwear will do. Both when it comes to safety and to comfort. With reflectors and fluorescent contrast colours, these trousers in a men's fit 19179-511 and in a ladies fit 19178-511 both comply with EN ISO 20471 Cl. 1 which establish requirements for the visibility of workwear.

    Stretchy fabric for freedom of movement

    A long day at work calls for trousers which will sit firmly in place and not cause irritation. With trousers in stretch, you can move freely all throughout the day without your clothes holding you back. The stretch fabric stretches in all directions and, combined with an ergonomic fit and a low weight, acts as your guarantee for the ultimate in comfort. In the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range, even the reflectors are stretchy and so freedom of movement really is optimal all throughout the garment.

    Very durable and lightweight trousers

    We need our work trousers today, tomorrow and even in a year from now. That is why wear resistance is of the utmost importance. And that is also why our safety trousers 19179-511 and 19178-511 are made from a hard-wearing fabric that increases durability. Yet at the same time, the trousers are also light and do not feel heavy to wear.

    ACCELERATE SAFE Hi-vis TrousersACCELERATE SAFE Hi-vis Trousers Products designed for women

    Hi-vis stretch for all job roles

    The MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range offers certified hi-vis safety clothing to everyone with a need for visibility, functional details and optimum freedom of movement. The complete product range, besides boasting a modern design, also ensures optimum visibility from top to toe.

    Do you work in a kneeling position during the working day? The trousers are equipped with kneepad pockets so that you can insert kneepads whenever you need to. The kneepad pockets are made from CORDURA® which is extra durable as the knees are often subjected to more wear. With kneepads, you can be sure to take good care of your knees so they will last for many years too. The trousers are co-certified with MASCOT kneepad types SHORT and LONG in accordance with EN 14404 and compatible with holster pockets 19450-126.

    19179-511 trousers in a men's fit and 19178-511 in our DIAMOND ladies fit are in stock and can be purchased/ordered from your local MASCOT distributor.