High Class Racing&nbsp;Race car MASCOT<span>&reg; ACCELERATE&nbsp;T-shirt &amp;&nbsp;Polo shirt</span>

    Workwear for Demanding Situations

    High Class Racing is a Danish racing team founded in the early 1990's and who are currently competing in the FIA World Endurance Championship, which the European 24 Hours of Le Mans Series is part of.

    In cooperation with Jan Magnussen for the 89th edition of 24 Hours of Le Mans, both the mechanics and the engineers of the High Class Racing team were equipped with MASCOT workwear and footwear.

    Here is why such a prestigious team chose MASCOT:


    Nikolaj, the team manager of High Class Racing, says: “We needed to have a uniform which would provide a professional look and create a unified image for the team, one that would be easily recognizable and would distinguish us from the competition.

    We were very pleased with the products we received. The entire High Class Racing team was dressed in MASCOT’s black polos or black T-shirts, red eye-catching jackets, and lightweight trousers from MASCOT® ACCELERATE. Having the same clothing uniform encouraged the unity of the team and increased our enthusiasm and the desire to succeed.

    We were also very happy that MASCOT had the facilities to customize the garments by printing our main sponsors’ logos.”

    “With MASCOT shoes, we completed the outfit. They are very light and flexible, making our job easier and ensuring that our feet are not too tired at the end of the day.” says Florent, one of the engineers.



    Thomas, one of the mechanics for the team added: “The clothing not only gives us a unique, streamlined identity, but it is able to withstand the level of hard work we perform every day. Working as a mechanic puts high demands on the workwear's fit and comfort. Great comfort and protection are essential and the MASCOT products we received live up to our expectations.

    When we work on the car, we must move in many different positions, and the material of both the trousers and the shorts is incredibly stretchy, offering us excellent freedom of movement. They are very comfortable to wear. The summer temperatures during races can get incredibly high! The lightweight material is perfect for those hot days.”

    “Breathability of the clothing is an important topic for us. When you are working 12-15 hours every day in high temperatures, you can quickly feel uncomfortable if you have clothing that does not allow the perspiration. Luckily, these MASCOT tops were very breathable and quick drying, which makes them comfortable to wear, even in warm conditions and while being physically active.”– Roger.

    High Class Racing&nbsp;Race car MASCOT&reg; ACCELERATE&nbsp;T-shirt &amp;&nbsp;Trousers


    Jordi, who is also a mechanic for the team, mentions that having clothing that is easily washable is also very valuable for them. “We previously had clothing which you could wash again and again, and it still remained dirty. It is not only important for the professional appearance of the team, but also for the mood of the team members- they must feel clean when they show up to the workshop in the morning.”

    “The durability of the clothing after some months and several washes is also critical. Will they shrink? Will they lose form and colour? We sometimes need to use the industrial washing machine which is very harsh with the clothing and not all brands are able to suffer that. Here MASCOT also did a great job.” – Oliver.


    Gustavo, the team coordinator for High Class Racing, mentions that, when looking for team clothing, good customer service is also a significant factor: “Not only the quality of the clothing is important, also the process of choosing and ordering the clothing- the correct logos must be in the right places, the products must come in the correct sizes, etc. Here you were masters.”

    MASCOT's products are designed for activity, efficiency, and drive. It is one of the reasons these products were picked for the team behind Jan and Kevin Magnussen, High Class Racing.

    We would like to thank High Class Racing for their great feedback. We were very pleased to help them out.

    High Class Racing


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