19050-711 Holster Pockets

ULTIMATE STRETCH - water-repellent - one-tone
19050-711-14 Holster Pockets - hi-vis orange
19050-711-14 Holster Pockets - hi-vis orange
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19050-711-14 Holster Pockets - hi-vis orange
MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE Hi-vis Clothing - Offshore and wind sector
Men & Woman - MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE Workwear - Fluorescent yellow
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Product Information

    Products with this symbol are made of ULTIMATE STRETCH. The material is flexible in all directions giving you an extraordinary freedom of movement. Products of ULTIMATE STRETCH are soft and comfortable to wear and follow your every move providing extra comfort for your work day.
  • Lightweight Lightweight
    The symbol indicates that the workwear is light in weight. The garment remains highly durable. You should choose products carrying this symbol if you want durable workwear in a light fabric, for example if you work indoors and/or in hot environments.
  • Magnet Magnet
    Magnets allow for the easy closure of, e.g. breast pockets or for retaining screws and bits in hanging pockets. People with pacemakers or an ICD should not use products fitted with magnets. Magnetically sensitive items should also be kept well away from magnets.
  • The multifunctional stretch material combines a low weight with high durability and is also water-repellent.
  • Kevlar® and CORDURA® fabric reinforcements on part of the product.
  • Fix to our leather MASCOT® Zanzibar belt.
  • Can be placed anywhere on the belt.
  • Highly durable with many pockets, all with closed bottom.

92% polyester/8% elastane

265 g/m²

  • Max. 40° C - Laundry Symbol Max. 40° C
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble-dry - Laundry Symbol Do not tumble-dry
  • Do not iron - Laundry Symbol Do not iron
  • Normal dry cleaning - Laundry Symbol Normal dry cleaning

Shrinkage max. 2%.The product is certified to retain its qualities with 50 domestic washes.

Industrial care category C2
  • Description

    Domestic process.

  • Pro Label


  • Wash process

    Wash according to ISO 6330. Wash together with like colours/textiles.

  • Wash temperature

    Wash gently < 40ºC.

  • Wash chemistry

    Comply to chemical suppliers recommendations for specific textile categories. Avoid use of bleaching agents on coloured textiles. Avoid use of softeners.

  • Reflective garments

    pH: Max pH 10, max alkalinity 650 mg/l. Do not use: Alkali boosters, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, detergents that contain free sodium or potassium hydroxide, solvenated surfectants. Avoid use of softeners. Max 20 min. in main wash bath.

  • Disinfection

    Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.

  • Drying process

    Hang dry.

  • Zippers

    Close any zippers before washing.

  • CORDURA® High durability is crucial when you are working at a fast pace. Holster pockets and ruler pockets have to stand the pressure when tools, nails and screws are taken in and out of the pockets countless times during the day. MASCOT ensures durability by using lots of CORDURA® fabric on all the exposed places, such as kneepad pockets, holster pockets and ruler pockets. CORDURA® fabric is in fact seven times stronger than cotton. We use both 1000D CORDURA® (quality 11) and the lighter 500D CORDURA® (quality 12).

Ultimate stretch fabric that is lightweight and durable. Press stud fastening on innermost hanging tool pocket. Lined phone pocket and magnet fastening. Highly durable with multiple pockets. Kevlar® and CORDURA® reinforcements on part of the product. Can be placed anywhere on the belt. Fix to our leather MASCOT® Zanzibar belt. Measures 20 x 24 cm.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Men Man
  • Women Woman
  • Craftsmen and light building Craftsmen and light building
    Look for this symbol if you work as a carpenter, electrician, painter, engineer, etc.
  • Light industry and logistics Light industry and logistics
    This symbol indicates products that are suitable for industries related to electronics, assembly, production, warehousing and transport.
  • Heavy industry Heavy industry
    Keep an eye open for this symbol if you work with metalworking, machinery manufacture or in a foundry.
  • Offshore and wind sector Offshore and wind sector
    This symbol indicates safety products for the offshore and wind sector as well as other industries where hi-vis products are required.

No liability accepted for product alterations.

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19050-711-14 Holster Pockets - hi-vis orange 14 - hi-vis orange
19050-711-17 Holster Pockets - hi-vis yellow 17 - hi-vis yellow
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