Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Sun, 07 Aug 2011

    2,100 Danfoss employees in Denmark and several thousands of employees in the rest of Europe will be dressed in new workwear. The group has just made an agreement with MASCOT to deliver workwear. One of the things that was crucial for the collaboration was MASCOT’s profile in regards to Social Responsibility.

    The Danfoss employees in Denmark have just begun ordering the clothes. The 700 employees in Poland have also begun ordering and the group’s employees in Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia as well as the sales team in Spain will follow.

    MASCOT delivers the whole package

    “MASCOT was chosen, because MASCOT can deliver the whole package – they performed well in all the important areas”, says Lars Peter Christiansen, who is Regional Category Manager at Danfoss and responsible for purchasing products for the production, including workwear for Western Europe. “The quality of the product itself and delivery is one thing. Another thing, which was just as crucial, was that we had to find a responsible supplier with a good Code of Conduct”, he says.

    Social Responsibility was crucial

    At Danfoss, they prioritise Corporate Social Responsibility very highly and consequently, they also wish to have suppliers, who have the same attitude towards the social, ethical and environmental responsibility. “We were very focused on which suppliers could document their Social Responsibility. That MASCOT has the international certification, SA 8000, was a strong contributory factor to the fact that that we initiated a collaboration with the supplier from Silkeborg, Denmark”, states Lars Peter Christiansen.

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    High product quality and reliability of delivery

    Lars Peter Christiansen emphasises that of course the products were also crucial. Danfoss have been testing a long line of MASCOT products and three departments were wearing the workwear for two months to ensure that the clothes had a good fit and were durable. Last but not least, effective logistics and reliability of delivery have been strong contributory factors in choosing MASCOT. “In MASCOT we found a supplier with such a wide standard program that it has not been necessary to have clothing specially produced. We have employees with many different work functions and both drivers and production employees have found well-suited workwear at MASCOT.”

    Great excitement at MASCOT

    The sales force at MASCOT has visited Danfoss a couple of times recently, and Sales Director, Henrik Bach and Account Manager in the South of Jutland, René Bie are very excited about the new collaboration: “We are of course very satisfied with the agreement made with Danfoss, since Danfoss is a reputable company with great potential”. Owner and Managing Director at MASCOT, Michael Grosbøl also looks at the collaboration agreement from another perspective: “We are happy that other companies find the social and ethical responsibility significant as we do. At MASCOT, we are sure that in all aspects it is worth the effort to act and treat people in a social and ethically proper manner which conforms well to the rest of MASCOT’s quality policy. But it is also nice to experience that the documentation work of the Social Responsibility can turn out to be crucial for large orders such as this one”, states Michael Grosbøl.

    About Danfoss

    Danfoss is a private-owned global company that produces, markets and sells products for refrigiating, heating and the industrial market. Danfoss has 79 factories divided to 22 countries with a total of 24,000 employees. Environment is high on the agenda for Danfoss – so all Danfoss’ factories must implement environmental management systems and certify them in accordance to the international standard ISO 14001. Danfoss had joined UN’s Global Compact which consists of ten principles for good company ethics. The areas of Global Compact are human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The ten principles are used as guidelines for reporting of social and environmental responsibility at Danfoss.

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