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    2016 - MASCOT® FREESTYLE Workwear
    Wed, 30 Mar 2016

    A new US-inspired workwear range for those who have an individual style, both during and outside work. ”Less is more” in this brand new MASCOT® FREESTYLE range.

    Tight-fitting denim jeans, hoodies in dusty fashionable colours, retro flying jackets, T-shirts with palm prints and a knitted hat with a cool re-design of MASCOT’s bear. The MASCOT® FREESTYLE style is a long way away from traditional, uniformed workwear.

    MASCOT® FREESTYLE offers a somewhat more relaxed style. But this major move to reach out to the small group of trendsetters among tradesmen is by no means at random. “We have worked on the development of a clothing universe for just this target group, who would normally not wear uniformed workwear” Michael Grosbøl, the CEO of MASCOT, continues: “It is about time that we make some waves in the market’s flood of traditional workwear, in order to reach out to these innovators who are particular in combining and determining their look exactly to the individual style they are looking for.”


    Less is more

    Helle Bruhns, MASCOT’s head of design, also has her finger on the pulse of the trendsetters: “We are seeing a new trend, especially among the young independent tradesmen: Less is more. In this instance it means that the clothing only has needs the most necessary and functional details. In particular, the fit of the trousers must be fantastic. But most important of all, the clothing must be trendy, cool and suit the wearer’s style, both at work and outside work,” she says.

    US-inspired look

    MASCOT® FREESTYLE is functional street wear that can both withstand wear and tear at work, and still fit any leisure style. Whatever you do, you are ensured of great freedom of movement with MASCOT’s thoroughly tested, modern fit. MASCOT® FREESTYLE gives you a style that is inspired by, among other things, an American surfer culture in the 1960s and vintage US army’s pilots’ clothing. At the same time, the collection is inspiration from contemporary American tradesmen, who prefer to work in denim jeans and T-shirts. Even the product names are US-inspired; MASCOT® Manhattan, MASCOT® Soho og MASCOT® Yonkers; all named after New York districts that have a special style and disposition.

    Jacket & Hoodie - FREESTYLE 2016

    Freestyle work - Freestyle workwear

    There are numerous combination possibilities to be found in MASCOT® FREESTYLE, and the collection is put together to be easy mixed and matched with other products in a retro-inspired style. You can even create your own freestyle, by styling and combining the collection with old school products like the MASCOT® London MASCOT® London thermal jacket from the MASCOT® ORIGINALS collection. There are hundreds of opportunities to mix with other collections, such as MASCOT® HARDWEAR or the workwear you already own.

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