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    1 2 3 - Dress in Layers - 2017
    Fri, 09 Jun 2017
    Count to 3 – Combine together to face the weather.
    1 Stay dry 2 Keep warm 3 Protect against the weather

    Combine the layers according to the temperature and your level of activity.
    Keeping warm does not necessarily mean dressing in the heaviest jacket you can find. It is about choosing the right clothes from inner to outer.

    1 - Stay dry

    Comfort at high temperatures

    These products provide a good and comfortable way to regulate body temperature – even in hot conditions and when you are physically active. The material is moisture wicking, quick drying and has received an anti-bacterial treatment to prevent the formation of odour.

    2 - Keep warm

    How many layers do you need?

    In the transition period between two seasons you can often do with two layers – a moisture wicking layer and an insulating layer. The thermal jacket from MASCOT® ADVANCED with its insulating CLIMASCOT®-lining, is an obvious choice when you are looking for a lightweight and soft jacket – layer 2. When the weather is getting colder, the thermal jacket functions exceptionally well as an insulating middle layer due to the lining’s low density and unique composition.

    3 - Protect against the weather

    Ultimate protection against wind and weather

    The outer layer should be breathable to allow moisture from the body to escape. In addition, it should be windproof and waterproof/water-repellent. If you only want to have one jacket, then an outer shell jacket is the obvious choice. It protects you against wind and weather, and you can adjust for varying temperatures through the use of one or more insulating layers.