Outer Shell Jackets

    When you work outdoors, and you need to keep warm and dry, outer shell jackets are an obvious choice. This type of jacket is characterised by the fact that it does not have a thick lining with insulating properties but is lightweight, windproof and waterproof. You will find a complete range of lightweight and thin outer shell jackets that give you ultimate weather protection and that can be used all year round. The MASCOT outer shell jackets are ideal as the outer layer on top of a pair of insulating layers, when you need to keep warm and dry during the cold periods, but they can also be used as outer jackets in warmer temperatures.

    Many different features

    MASCOT offers a wide assortment of lightweight and flexible outer shell jackets. In the assortment, you will find i.e. a flexible outer shell jacket of stretch material that is elastic in every direction and gives you exceptional freedom of movement. If you have a job that requires extra visibility and safety, you can also find an outer shell jacket in a fluorescent colour, certified according to EN ISO 20471. All outer shell jackets from MASCOT have a number of functional features. Among other things, you will find outer shell jackets with ventilation under the sleeves, or/and an adjustable hood and collar when you need to protect your head additionally against the cold and winds. The outer shell jackets are also equipped with a variety of pockets with zips so you can safely store e.g. tools, mobile phone and keys. The MASCOT outer shell jackets are both breathable, windproof and waterproof with taped seams. The jackets are typically approved according to EN 343 and thus protect you optimally against rain.

    Dress in layers

    When you are working outside during cold weather, it is essential that you dress in the right layers to keep warm and dry. The MASCOT outer shell jackets work really well as the outer layer due to the jackets’ unique ability to keep you warm and dry. You can choose to wear e.g. a fleece jacket, a thermal jacket or a jumper under the outer shell jacket when the cold seriously bites.