Fleece Jumpers

    Good fleece jumpers are indispensable when you work outdoor, for example as a craftsman, and need a layer to keep you warm. It can be on chilly days as the outer layer or on cold days as an insulating layer under a winter jacket. At MASCOT, there are several cool fleece jumpers to choose from.

    MASCOT’s fleece jumpers have a modern fit. Not only does this give a nicer look, it also makes sure that the heat will be kept close to the body. Elastic is inserted at the cuffs so the sleeves fit tightly and therefore keep wind and cold out. MASCOT’s fleece jumpers are made of high-quality materials that do not shed – choose e.g. a style with anti-pilling.

    If you are all about a thoughtful design, you should definitely look at the innovative fleece jumpers from MASCOT® ADVANCED. Here you get a new generation of the fleece jumper that has a nice, smooth surface where dirt and dust don’t stick very easily. The stretch fabric and the form cut sleeves give you a fantastic freedom of movement so you can do your work without anything that tightens or bothers. In addition, these fleece jumpers have a high collar so you can keep warm around the neck without the use of additional protection.