MASCOT awarded prize as a product leader

    Frost & Sullivan Award - 2017
    Mon, 23 Oct 2017
    As a result of a comprehensive analysis of the workwear market, the Danish manufacturer MASCOT was awarded with the 2017 European Product Leadership Award.

    The prize was awarded by the renowned market research firm Frost & Sullivan, for MASCOT’s ability to produce and deliver relevant, high-quality products and solutions to the target audience. Frost & Sullivan mentions as an example, the recently launched workwear range for tradesmen and construction, MASCOT® ADVANCED.

    MASCOT understands customer needs

    Employees in trades, construction and industry make great demands on their workwear. According to the report, MASCOT makes a difference by paying attention to the high demands of the workwear users. True to the company’s working method and TESTED TO WORK slogan, the products are always developed with the finger on the pulse of the target group: »This methodology ensures that MASCOT’s workwear proactively meets and exceeds customer needs in terms of necessary features, functionally and aesthetically, thereby resulting in high customer satisfaction,« the analysis from Frost & Sullivan states.

    Frost & Sullivan 2017 - MASCOT® Management
    MASCOT’s management went to London to receive the award. From left: Sales Director Henrik Bach, Finance Director Anders Ryberg, Managing Director Michael Grosbøl, Director of Business Development & Special Projects Niels Høigaard Hald, Export Director Kurt Madsen.

    A seal of approval of the working method

    Together with the other members of management, MASCOT’s managing director, Michael Grosbøl, went to London to receive the award. He explains why he is particularly happy to receive an award that enhances product quality and product innovation. »The workwear industry consists of many manufacturers and suppliers of workwear, and the competition is profound. Therefore, it is an honour that Frost & Sullivan highlights MASCOT as being the world’s best to deliver quality-assured and future-proof products to the target group. I see it as a seal of approval of MASCOT’s focus to manufacture the best, most durable products and not the cheapest. Workwear that lasts a long time and which in every way performs and fits the customers’ everyday lives, gives our customers value-for-money – both in the short and long term,« states Michael Grosbøl. He adds that he also sees the award as recognition of the way MASCOT develops products with the mantra »We don’t follow the trend, we create it«.

    Quality is an intentional strategy

    The high product quality is ensured through the company’s TESTED TO WORK program, where the products have undergone thorough quality control before, during and after production. The vast majority of MASCOT’s products are manufactured in the company’s own CSR-certified factories in Vietnam and Laos. In MASCOT’s Vietnam factory alone, 70 people are employed with the sole purpose of checking the quality of the products. Besides having a positive effect on the product quality, MASCOT’s factories also provide the customers the opportunity to choose products manufactured in factories with documented social responsible production.

    Frost & Sullivan 2017 - Michael Grosbøl

    Not just products, but also solutions

    »MASCOT's uncompromising attitude to quality is linked to its strategic decision to not only produce and deliver the best workwear, but also the best workwear solutions that makes it easy to find and purchase the right product - both for the distributors and end-users,« Frost & Sullivan states in the report. According to Frost & Sullivan this is a success factor in the industry, as service solutions, effective logistics and delivery reliability are just as important for the customers. In this area, MASCOT is also among the leaders in the workwear industry with awarded e-commerce solutions for distributors and end-users.

    MASCOT is convincing in all areas

    The basis for choosing MASCOT was a comprehensive report done by Frost & Sullivan about the European workwear market and with a 360-degree analysis of the most meaningful manufacturers. In every aspect of the analysis, MASCOT was convincing in the industry, not least thanks to its »strong focus on quality, design and customer oriented service solutions«. Michael Grosbøl promises that you can have high expectations of MASCOT in the future: »We are honoured to receive such an honourable award. But it doesn’t make us slow down. On the contrary, we will with enthusiasm continue in the same strategic direction and try to expand our leadership by creating the workwear solutions that provide the most valuable benefit for our customers through high quality, investment and innovation.«

    Frost & Sullivan - Best Practices - Product Leadership Award - Press

    About the award

    Receiving Frost & Sullivan’s Product Leadership Award is a convincing, third party validation of a company’s growth strategy and execution. MASCOT’s Best Practices Award is a very clear signal to employees, investors, customers and the public that MASCOT manufactures industry-leading, high quality products in the workwear market. MASCOT was also recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Product Quality Leadership Award. According to Frost & Sullivan, MASCOT has thereby been leading in the workwear market in terms of product quality for more than 10 years.