<span>MASCOT&reg; ADVANCED</span>&nbsp;Sky-Work

    Functional workwear with multiple features, ample freedom of movement and exceptional durability. MASCOT® ADVANCED is a range of workwear that gives you functional details, high wear resistance and supreme comfort. Thanks to the lightweight and ultimate stretch fabric, the work trousers feel so comfortable on that you will not want to take them off again. MASCOT® ADVANCED is for anyone who needs that little bit extra from their workwear and who does not want to compromise on comfort or quality.

    MASCOT® ADVANCED gives you exceptional freedom of movement. The products are designed for layering and to withstand the challenges you face in your working day. The special benefit of MASCOT® ADVANCED is that you get products that combine flexibility with a high wear resistance and a low weight. Workwear does not need to be dense and heavy to last a long time.

    Multiple combination options

    The range includes a wide selection of clothing for working in all seasons. This allows you to adapt your clothing to suit your working day and the changing temperatures. With a choice of moisture wicking T-shirts for your inner layer, insulating knitted jackets, fleece tops or thermal jackets for your middle layer and wind and waterproof jackets for your outer layer, there are endless ways to combine your clothing.

    Detail - MASCOT® ADVANCED Trousers

    Space for your tools

    The trousers have plenty of space for all your tools. The pockets are fully integrated in the design, which combined with the elastic fabric means you can fill them up without your freedom of movement being affected.

    Detail - Trousers with kneepad pockets

    Fresh air for your knees

    Forget all about overheated knees. The inside leg features ventilation channels that you can open to air your legs as required. And via a zip on the side of the leg, you can easily remove the knee pads during your working day, so that they do not add unnecessary heat when you least need it.

    Designed with optimum fit in mind

    The products in the ADVANCED range are designed with optimum fit in mind. This is why the trouser pockets are integrated in the design - not added. Not only does this design give you an optimum fit, it also gives you optimum features. The result is clothing that you barely feel like you are wearing!

    ULTIMATE STRETCH - experience a truly unique freedom of movement

    MASCOT® ADVANCED offers a wide range of trousers with ULTIMATE STRETCH, giving you full freedom in all your movements. This fabric gives you a unique freedom of movement, where nothing feels tight or irritating. The multi-functional fabric combines a low weight with a very high wear resistance. It is even water-repellent. Thanks to the soft backside and the flexible fabric, these trousers feel as natural as a second skin. The trousers are available both with and without holster pockets, and as 3/4 length trousers and shorts.