The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX footwear is made of lightweight materials, and the finished products are some of the most lightweight footwear on the market. At the same time, the flexibility at the forefoot is in a class by itself. Say goodbye to heavy, rigid footwear that gives soreness in the feet and back, and say hello to MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX.

    Among the most lightweight on the market

    Shoes and boots in the range MASCOT® FOOTWEAR FLEX makes it possible to be effective many hours of the day without getting sore feet. This is due in part to the low weight, which comes partly as a result of foregoing metal parts within the footwear. The toe cap is made of a composite material and the mid-sole is of a special textile material. Since the shoes are metal-free, you also avoid being exposed to additional cold or thermal stress. Unlike metal, composite and textile are non-conductive.

    Exceptional comfort when being active

    Since the midsole is made of textile, it is more flexible than a midsole made of metal, and bends more easily when you are in need of flexibility. In particular, the front part of the shoe bends very flexibly with the foot, so the shoes follow the natural movements of the foot when kneeling, for example. In addition, the shoes have shock-absorbing sole and insoles to reduce the shocks you incur throughout an active workday, and makes the shoes feel extra soft to wear. The footwear is also equipped with an insole with optimised arch support that can counter the tendency to flat foot.

    Stability when working on uneven surfaces

    Conversely, it is necessary that the back of the shoe is stable. Among other things, a stabilizing insert is placed in the back part of the footwear to provide stability for the feet when working on uneven surfaces, ladders, etc. When footwear bends in the wrong places or lacks stability, it can lead to tired and pained feet.

    Many options with the FLEX range

    The FLEX range of boots and shoes not only offers you a choice of looks, colours and outer materials, but you can also choose between different lace methods, depending on your working conditions. The BOA® Fit System makes the footwear quick to put on and take off. The laces evenly distribute the pressure on the instep for an optimum fit. If, on the other hand, you choose a model with traditional laces, you will have a completely metal-free shoe. All footwear is approved to the highest class for slip-resistant soles, and naturally complies with the EN ISO 20345 standard. Choose between classes S1P and S3, where the S3 class of footwear has a waterproof outer material in accordance with the standard. The width of the footwear is a 10 (sizes 39-48), while some are also available in an 8 (sizes 35-41), generally preferred by women.