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    Fri, 01 Dec 2017

    MASCOT has become official supplier for Audi’s factory-backed team in FIA Formula E and DTM. Both the team of mechanics and the other staff at Audi Sport in DTM and FIA Formula E, are wearing MASCOT’s products. The clothing was selected with a special focus on freedom of movement and effective breathability.

    MASCOT® WORKWEAR | Audi Sport Official Supplier

    A great honour for MASCOT

    »Audi Sport has extremely high demands to the quality of their products– both in terms of performance, durability, precision, security and design. Therefore it is a great honour for us to be chosen as an official supplier for the Audi team,« says MASCOT’s Managing Director Michael Grosbøl.

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    Head of Audi Sport Dieter Gass says: »MASCOT is an award winning company in its field – as such it fits perfectly with the winning culture at Audi Sport.«

    Precision, pace and constant innovation

    Audi RS 5 DTM has since 2013 (up to and including the 2017 season) clinched 32 victories and set as well as 26 pole positions and 42 fastest race laps in 73 events of the popular international touring car series. In each of the past three years, Audi won the largest number of DTM races.

    The comprehensive Audi Sport team of mechanics, engineers and other staff in DTM are wearing MASCOT workwear. Especially lightweight products with optimal freedom of movement due to stretch materials are chosen for the busy minutes, hours and days in the workshop and pit. In addition, products with focus on comfort in warm environments are chosen; for example the pit can be up to 35-40°C and therefore effective breathability and moisture wicking are crucial.

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    »Comfortable workwear is very important for us. We work a lot and are often under pressure in limited spaces. The clothing needs to support and help us in every move as we move around and under the car,« Werner, mechanic DTM Audi Sport

    With Audi Sport in the pit

    MASCOT is official supplier for Audi Sport’s factory-backed team in ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater street racing series. Consisting of 11 teams and 22 drivers, Formula E delivers world-class racing to 12 cities through 13 races over five continents, throughout the seven-month Championship season.

    Mechanics - MASCOT® WORKWEAR | Audi Sport

    With 13 races over five continents throughout the season, the temperatures and the weather can change a lot. »As most of the races take place in South America, Asia and South Europe we expect hot and humid weather. Therefore it is very important to have breathable clothing in order to wear dry shirts even though we are sweating«, say Audi Sport Formula E mechanics.

    After all, racing is about reaching the finish line first. And that requires precision in every step. The mechanics explain that everyone on the team is specialists within their field, but it is the teamwork that is the strength: »In the end we are a team and we work together as a team. Drivers, engineers and mechanics. This is the only way to achieve our goals and be successful. Our ultimate success is when the team wins a race and in the end, we can achieve the drivers’ championship and win the championship in the team classification. This is the goal we are working for every day. It’s the best feeling when the hard work of the whole team pays off«.