MASCOT and Roda JC

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    Thu, 08 Mar 2018
    MASCOT and the Dutch football club Roda JC have a close collaboration, where they share common values including a continuous focus on social initiatives in the companies’ local areas. This collaboration also includes Roda JC WerkT; a social project initiated by Roda JC.

    Teamwork and development through football

    'Roda JC WerkT' takes place at the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade and offers a safe environment for vulnerable young people and adults. The initiative also serves as an educational learning environment, where the participants have an opportunity to test different jobs in the popular football club. The tasks they perform are adjusted to the individual and can vary from cleaning and cooking to shopping, guided tours on the stadium and assistance in the kiosk. In the long term, the aim of the project is to equip the participants to enter the labour market. MASCOT supports the project by dressing the participants in weatherproof jackets - of course in Roda’s own colours black and yellow.

    Jackets manufactured under social responsible conditions

    The jackets used in Roda JC WerkT are, as MASCOT's other products, manufactured under good and safe working conditions. The production of MASCOT's workwear takes place at MASCOT's own factories in Vietnam and Laos, all of which are approved according to SA8000. SA8000 is an international certification and documentation for social responsible working conditions. MASCOT has 2000 employees at the four factories in Vietnam and Laos, and the company has just reached 10 years with its own production in Vietnam.

    Good, safe and secure working conditions in production - MASCOT Vietnam - Press 2018 Since their establishment, MASCOT has had European management and European labour standards at the four factories in Vietnam and Laos. The employees have a good working environment adapted to local conditions, and they receive a healthy free lunch, have reasonable working hours and wages and access to a free medical clinic.