Protect yourself from the sun with hi-vis tops from MASCOT

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    Wed, 02 Jun 2021

    Do you work outside in sunny weather? And do you need to be visible to your surroundings? Choose hi-vis T-shirts and polo shirts from MASCOT for all-day sun protection and visibility.

    Prevent your upper body from burning in the baking sun. UV-protective clothing blocks the sun's UV rays and therefore protects your skin. The MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range includes T-shirts and polo shirts with UV protection, a high wear resistance and excellent comfort. The tops have a polyester exterior to ensure long-lasting wear resistance and colourfastness even after repeated use. The tops' interior is made of cotton so that they still feel soft on your skin.

    Achieve certified UV protection and high visibility

    Workwear certified according to EN 13758-2 UPF 40+ is your guarantee that the clothing protects your skin from the sun's rays. It is particularly important to ensure that tops such as T-shirts and polo shirts offer a suitable level of protection.
    UV-protective clothing only blocks the sun where your skin is covered.

    If you need to be visible to your surroundings, it is also worth looking out for the EN ISO 20471 certification, which indicates how visible the clothing is - safety class 1, 2 or 3. With MASCOT's UV protective hi-vis T-shirts and polo shirts, you can achieve a higher safety class by combining the top with a hi-vis bottom garment and thereby co-certify the clothing with class 2 or 3 according to EN ISO 20471.

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    A good fit protects your skin

    Whether you are a man or woman, you will always find a fit that is right for you at MASCOT. When your clothing fits, your body is better covered and therefore better protected. MASCOT's UV protective T-shirts and polo shirts in the MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE range come with elastic reflectors for extra freedom of movement. And to make the tops even more comfortable for a long day's work, the stitching in the neck has extra padding to prevent the seams from irritating your skin.


    Find UV protective hi-vis T-shirts (19092-771 and 19082-771) and polo shirts (19083-771 and 19093-771) from MASCOT® ACCELERATE SAFE at your local MASCOT distributor or on