Tested under Extreme Conditions

    MASCOT workwear is used every day, all over the world, which is a test in and of itself. But sometimes, MASCOT seeks out situations in which the workwear can be put under maximum pressure with extreme environments and work conditions.

    Environment - Patagonia

    Through the years, MASCOT has sent workwear to work all over the world in order to thoroughly test the clothing – even in extreme conditions and situations.


    Race car Dakar 2022

    MASCOT's business partners help test the workwear and safety footwear under extreme conditions. For over a decade, MASCOT has been sponsoring the Dutch Team Coronel, a regular participant in the Dakar race. This off-road rally is held on challenging terrain, where stamina and endurance are key.

    Dakar Rally

    For several years, MASCOT workwear has been tested both by Team Coronel’s mechanics in the Dakar Rally, and on the Ultima Patagonia expeditions, arranged by Centre Terre. Experience how we work with TESTED TO WORK, and how we challenge, test and expose the workwear to a little of everything under some entirely unique conditions.