ISO 9001:2015

    ISO 9001 certification is a unique tool that MASCOT has implemented to support the development of the company, its products and services. We document all processes and deviations. ISO 9001 is used as a tool to ensure flow and to continuously document changes in the company.

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    MASCOT’s quality mission is to obtain an even better product quality. In this way, we can continuously offer our customers new products and services. ISO 9001 helps to provide an overview of the company’s business processed, and operations can be corrected in order to achieve the stated objectives. “MASCOT has worked with ISO 9001 through a period of years. There is no doubt that ISO 9001 places focus on the many processes within the company. The processes are thoroughly examined and described, and we document deviations and changes. This contributes to improving the quality of our products and services and the cooperation we have with external partners,” explains Managing Director Michael Grosbøl.

    Companies that are ISO 9001 certified experience fewer errors, better reporting and communication, improved quality of products and services, and have reliable production and consistency of supply. For MASCOT, ISO 9001 means that we have documented the processes that matter most to our customers. In some markets and with some customers the ISO 9001-certification is requested and in some cases even expected.

    DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 - PDF


    MASCOT has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006. With the quality management system ISO 9001, MASCOT subscribes to the four overall objectives regarding:

    • Consistency of supply
    • Introduction of new products
    • Growth
    • Customer satisfaction

    ISO 9001

    The employees take part in the quality control

    All employees of MASCOT know the company’s objectives and know their active role in ensuring the quality. The employees are regularly offered training where necessary in order to carry out tasks related to MASCOT’s quality policy and to ensure the quality system’s efficiency and the company’s progress.

    The employees actively take part in the company’s work. There are clearly defined areas of responsibility in order to ensure the quality in all processes. At MASCOT, quality assurance is a natural part of the working day. It is in the company value and the key working strategy, Tested to Work, and is reflected in the daily procedures whether you are in Denmark, Germany, Vietnam or any of the other markets where MASCOT has employees.

    Ongoing control to maintain the high standard

    To ensure the quality system’s efficiency, MASCOT is visited every three years by external auditors. Their job is to assess MASCOT’s work in relation to meeting the objectives in the standard. In addition, MASCOT carries out internal audits to ensure the quality in every process of the company including the working procedures.