We take our responsibility seriously

    MASCOT is an international company with big ambitions. This involves a certain level of responsibility - both for the people who produce MASCOT’s products, and also for the environment. A responsibility that MASCOT takes very seriously.

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    Being a responsible company requires you to balance three factors:

    • financial responsibility
    • social responsibility
    • environmental responsibility.

    Often referred to as the triple bottom line.

    Financial growth and environmental responsibility require us to show care in how we use our products and resources. We must ensure that our consumption and our production methods around the world are carried out responsibly and with respect for current and future generations and the environment.

    Product quality and product safety are key

    MASCOT’s work is always based on the balance between:

    • high product quality
    • high product safety

    High product quality translates into e.g. wear resistance, and high product safety translates into products with a socially and environmentally responsible profile. There must be a balance between these factors if we are to run the company in a healthy and innovative way and with good customer potential. Moreover, buying MASCOT products must also make good business sense for you.

    We produce ‘favourite items of workwear’

    Testing, quality and decency are not only deeply rooted in MASCOT’s DNA, but also in the methods we use to produce responsibly for the future. We strive to produce goods with the longest possible lifetime, with optimum utilisation of our resources and with the least possible waste and emissions.

    The products also need to be innovative and to meet our customers’ requirements, so that every single product becomes a ‘favourite item of workwear’ that you just want to wear again and again for a long time, until it is threadbare. This benefits everyone - not just the environment but also you.

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    Suppliers who respect the environment

    There are many ways to produce workwear more responsibly. MASCOT is constantly looking for opportunities to improve our environmental efforts, so that we always keep an eye on the resources we are using. We continuously adopt new measures around our production process.

    Fabric and other raw materials

    Recycling materials in our clothing is just one of the opportunities we have to reduce the impact of clothing production on the environment. Another focus area is to use materials from suppliers who also respect the environment when producing e.g. fabrics. Most of the millions of metres of fabric that MASCOT buys every year is, for example, purchased from suppliers who have both bluesign® and ISO 14001 accreditation. Equally, we are working on converting parts of our dyeing process to use only minimal amounts of water or no water at all.

    The Sustainable Development Goals are also MASCOT’s goals

    At MASCOT, we find taking responsibility a pleasure, but we are also humbled by the task. When you want to make a difference, there are many areas that require intervention. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a good lens through which to view a greater level of responsibility. At MASCOT, we have decided to focus on seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which cover the areas where we can make the most significant changes. We constantly strive to act, adapt and develop towards a more responsible future, which is why we naturally also abide by all 17 goals.

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