50456-990 Belt

adjustable buckle - elastic
50456-990-09 Belt - black
50456-990-09 Belt - black
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50456-990-09 Belt - black
Work T-shirt & Pants - HARDWEAR Model
Model - ¾ length pants & Short Sleeve T-shirt - MASCOT® INDUSTRY
MASCOT® INDUSTRY Work T-shirt & ¾ length pants - Model
Work T-shirt & Pants - MASCOT® ACCELERATE - Heavy industry
MASCOT® HARDWEAR - T-shirt, Pants & Belt - Environment
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Product Information

  • Elastic fabric that fits the body's curves.
  • Buckle and belt ends are nickel free in accordance with EU requirements.
  • Strong quality to keep the trousers in place, even when full of tools.

55% polypropylen/30% elastane/15% polyester

  • Do not wash - Laundry Symbol Do not wash
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble-dry - Laundry Symbol Do not tumble-dry
  • Do not iron - Laundry Symbol Do not iron
  • Do not dry-clean - Laundry Symbol Do not dry-clean

Flexible, fits to the body’s form. Metal parts are nickel free and in accordance with EU requirements. Strong fabric which holds the trousers in place even when they are filled up with tools. Belt width 4,5 cm.

  • Men Man
  • Women Woman
  • Craftsmen and light building Craftsmen and light building
    Look for this symbol if you work as a carpenter, electrician, painter, engineer, etc.
  • Light industry and logistics Light industry and logistics
    This symbol indicates products that are suitable for industries related to electronics, assembly, production, warehousing and transport.
  • Building and construction Building and construction
    This symbol indicates solid and hard-wearing products which are suitable for building contractors, road workers or anybody who works in demolition or other similar areas.
  • Heavy industry Heavy industry
    Keep an eye open for this symbol if you work with metalworking, machinery manufacture or in a foundry.
  • Corporate Wear Corporate Wear
    This symbol indicates smart products for consultants, sales assistants and people in service roles or other jobs where presentation is what matters the most.
  • Offshore and wind sector Offshore and wind sector
    This symbol indicates safety products for the offshore and wind sector as well as other industries where hi-vis products are required.

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50456-990-09 Belt - black 09 - black
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