In addition to producing workwear from head to toe, MASCOT also produces all kinds of accessories that could be needed during hard manual work. Belts are among the many kinds of accessories that are featured in MASCOT’s assortment. Other accessories are for example hats, socks and holster pockets.

    Belts are essential when you are active on the job and switch to different positions from bowing to kneeling and upright positions during the working day. At the same time, it is important to wear a belt when you carry tools in your pockets as it helps carry the heavy weight and makes sure that your work trousers stay exactly where they should. Moreover, you can use a belt if you want to add loose holster pockets for a particular type of work, or if you would like the holster pockets to be located on a place different from the common position. MASCOT manufactures belts of both leather and fabric. Both are extremely durable, and they will last for a long time, even in situations of tear and wear. The belts are available in neutral colours and with various closure options that are quick and easy to handle. Additionally, they are available in different lengths so you can get the one that fits you. Use our product search to view the different kinds of belts that are available in our assortment.