50057-824-0918 Softshell Jacket - black/dark anthracite
50057-824-0918 Softshell Jacket - black/dark anthracite
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50057-824-0918 Softshell Jacket - black/dark anthracite

50057-824 Softshell Jacket

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Size XS
Chest size 88 cm/34.5 inch
Weight 0.640 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 5707209465160570720946532057072094648425707209465009
Size S
Chest size 92 cm/36 inch
Weight 0.665 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 5707209465108570720946526957072094647815707209464941
Size M
Chest size 100 cm/39.5 inch
Weight 0.777 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 570720946508557072094647675707209464927
Size L
Chest size 104 cm/41 inch
Weight 0.833 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 570720946506157072094647435707209464903
Size XL
Chest size 112 cm/44 inch
Weight 0.861 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 570720946514657072094648285707209464989
Size 2XL
Chest size 116 cm/45.5 inch
Weight 0.900 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 570720946502357072094647055707209464866
Size 3XL
Chest size 124 cm/49 inch
Weight 0.926 Kg
Volume 10.000 L
EAN 570720946504757072094647295707209464880
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Product Information

  • Breathable Breathable
    Breathability in waterproof/water-repellent clothing is especially important when you sweat while working in cold environments. If you do not get rid of the moisture, there is a great risk that your wet clothes will get cold and you will freeze as a result.
  • Windproof Windproof
    When your clothing is windproof you hold heat more easily. Choose products with this symbol when you don’t want the wind to bother your everyday comfort.
  • Water-repellent Water-repellent
    Clothes carrying this symbol are made of waterproof material. However, it is not possible to put tape on the back of the seams of certain fabrics. Therefore the product cannot be classified as being entirely 100% waterproof, just water-repellent.
  • Ergonomic fit Ergonomic fit
    All of MASCOT's clothes are, of course, designed for movement. But if you have a particular need for clothing that supports, assists and just plain fits, in all body positions, then go for the ergonomic fit.
  • Reflective Reflective
    Small reflective strips on your clothing can be crucial to your safety. Regardless of where you work, you will occasionally be near traffic. In this environment, reflectivity increases your chance of being seen.
  • Breathable, windproof and water-repellent.
  • Fleece on inner side.
  • Form cut sleeves with great freedom of movement.
  • Adjustable elastic drawstring at waist.
  • Extra visibility with the help of reflectors.

100% polyester

305 g/m²

  • Max. 40° C - Laundry Symbol Max. 40° C
  • Do not bleach - Laundry Symbol Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble-dry - Laundry Symbol Do not tumble-dry
  • Do not iron - Laundry Symbol Do not iron
  • Do not dry-clean - Laundry Symbol Do not dry-clean

Three layer softshell.

Industrial care category C2
  • Description

    Domestic process.

  • Pro Label


  • Wash process

    Wash according to ISO 6330. Wash together with like colours/textiles.

  • Wash temperature

    Wash gently < 40ºC.

  • Wash chemistry

    Comply to chemical suppliers recommendations for specific textile categories. Avoid use of bleaching agents on coloured textiles. Avoid use of softeners.

  • Reflective garments

    pH: Max pH 10, max alkalinity 650 mg/l. Do not use: Alkali boosters, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, detergents that contain free sodium or potassium hydroxide, solvenated surfectants. Avoid use of softeners. Max 20 min. in main wash bath.

  • Disinfection

    Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.

  • Drying process

    Hang dry.

  • Zippers

    Close any zippers before washing.

Two-toned. Breathable, windproof and water-repellent. Fleece on inner side. Fastening with zip and internal storm flap. Chest pocket with zip. Front pockets with zip. Formed cut sleeves. Hook and loop band fastening at cuffs. Adjustable elastic drawstring at waist. Reflectors.

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
    • Men Man
    • Women Woman
    • Craftmen and light building Craftmen and light building
    • Service and logistics Service and logistics

    No liability accepted for product alterations.

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    50057-824-0918 Softshell Jacket - black/dark anthracite 0918 - black/dark anthracite
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