Workwear at work

    Man - Hi-vis Jacket - Workwear at work

    The user is consulted several times during the course of development for a new range of workwear. Extensive analytical work with the involvement of the end-user is made before concrete product development is commenced.

    Then the actual product development begins. From here, there is an active collaboration of the members of our test panel with the exact group of professionals that the clothes are intended for. Prototypes of the clothes are sewn, which the professionals are then sent to work with. Here they are used in authentic work situations and exposed to natural wear and regular washing. Everything from the quality of material to the functions of the clothes is tested and the test subjects make a journal describing their use of the clothes.

    The test subjects are visited regularly by product development during their working day. Our product developers have a chat with the professionals about the clothes and the test subjects make suggestions for changes. These are taken back to the drawing board and laboratory by MASCOT's product developers. The ideas might be for new functions, quality of material or fit. New prototypes are sewn and the process is repeated until we achieve the best possible result. This must live up to both the demands of the target group and the stringent quality demands of MASCOT. Once the clothes have been approved by the professionals, we are ready to start mass production. We believe that this is the very essence of being TESTED TO WORK.