Hi-vis Clothing - 2015
    Wed, 11 Feb 2015
    MASCOT Workwear is at work around the world across national borders, time zones and cultures. We often receive feedback from our customers, end-users and distributors - this time from Argentina, Northern Ireland, the USA, Chile and Australia. Do you have a picture of your team in MASCOT Workwear that you want to share with us? If so, send it to
    Ireland - 2015

    Northern Irish pride and team spirit

    Modern Tyres from Northern Ireland

    At Modern Tyres, MASCOT’s strongly branded workwear solution brings pride and a sense of team spirit to the crew. “The distinctive uniform reflects the Modern Tyres brand perfectly and their customers can quickly identify the professionalism of the business when they call at any branch,” says distributor Tailored Image. The high durability has been an important parameter for choosing MASCOT: “It's a tough job which requires tough kit to withstand the daily rigours of handling and fitting tyres."

    USA - Gold Rush

    Known gold diggers love MASCOT

    Jim Thurber of The Hoffman team, in the TV series The Gold Rush on Discovery Channel.

    On the Discovery Channel, you can watch a group of American gold diggers strive to reach their dreams in the popular program The Gold Rush. Digging for gold takes place in Yukon Territory in Canada. The Hoffman team are dressed in MASCOT’s workwear from head to toe, both on and off the screen. "They have visited our showroom multiple times, and they love the workwear!," says MASCOT distributor, Repcon NW, in the United States. Every Friday night four million Americans follow the fifth season of the TV series The Gold Rush. The series can also be seen in 125 other countries including the UK, Denmark and Germany.

    Nissan - 2015

    Smiles at Nissan in Australia

    Essendon Nissan in Melbourne, Australia

    Essendon Nissan in Australia was eager to present the new MASCOT workwear for their employees and their expectations were met in full. “The day all the guys started walking in with their new Mascot uniforms on was fantastic. Heads high, smiles all round, priceless!,” says Matt, from Essendon Nissan in Melbourne, Australia. Nissan's employees were also very excited about MASCOT. “They've already bought extras out of their own pocket which only says one thing - They love it!”, says Matt.

    Chile - Patagonia - 2015

    Tested on an expedition in Chile

    Participant in the "Ultima Patagonia" expedition in Chile

    "It is actually very simple. Without the right clothing you are dead," says cave researcher and experienced expedition participant Natalia Morata. Natalie participated in the tough expedition "Ultima Patagonia" for which MASCOT supplied workwear. She and the other participants tried their hand at one of the most impassable and hostile terrains of the world. In total, 24 explorers with backgrounds as cavers, biologists, divers and geologists from France and Chile wore MASCOT’s workwear. The weather conditions were extreme in the latitudes where the expedition took place. With up to 10 meters of rainfall per year and wind speeds up to 120 km / h, the participants and MASCOT’s Workwear was Tested to Work.

    Australia - 2015

    At work on Australian TV

    Brock and Scotty at work on the well-known Australian building program “The Block”

    Brock and Scotty from the renovation company BH Elite, took part in Australia's most famous building program, The Block, whilst wearing MASCOT’s workwear. "When they asked us to go on TV, we knew we had to look professional. We wanted to make a great impression with both great work and a great appearance. Not only is everyone asking us about our MASCOT gear, but as we've heard many times before, we're finding it as tough as nails!"

    Dakar - 2015 - MASCOT

    Tested in the South American desert

    Mechanics at work in South America during the Dakar Rally 2015

    During the Dakar Rally, 420 different motorcycles, trucks and buggies sped through 9000 km of South American desert. During the Dakar Rally, The Dutch team, with Tim Coronel in the lead, wore MASCOT’s workwear. The mechanics are at work both day and night and under some very critical conditions. "It is essential for the mechanics that their clothing is comfortable and easy to work in," says Media Manager Martijn van Oort from The Dakar team. In South America, it is generally warm, but one can be faced with all kinds of weather. From the heat of the desert to the cold - sometimes even snow - in the mountains of Chile. In Argentina, it can be quite wet, so it is also important to have clothing that dries quickly. It is extremely demanding work, so clothing must also be durable. It is of course also important that our mechanics look presentable for sponsors. The Dakar Rally is televised throughout the world, and the mechanics are in the spotlight throughout the race.

    Hi-vis Clothing - 2015

    Here is a photo from Norway which our Norwegian distributor, sent us. The image comes from the referendum Norgeshus Conference: 510 people, all working for and with Norway’s largest home builder association, and all of them are wearing MASCOT® Antas soft shell jacket.