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    Sun, 09 Aug 2015

    MASCOT® LIGHT is the name of the new light workwear range from MASCOT. A range that offers both light weight and a low price. The range has been specially designed for work in Europe’s large industrial companies.

    It contains nine new two-tone products, including work trousers, work jackets and a softshell jacket in two different colour combinations, royal blue/navy or dark anthracite/black. The range is offered in a broad range of sizes, including trousers with three different leg lengths as standard.

    Lightweight workwear

    MASCOT® LIGHT lives up to its name, and is the lightest complete range from MASCOT, offering a weight of only 245 g/m2. When working in high temperatures, such as those experienced in close proximity to large, heat-emitting machines in factories, light workwear is a necessity. With that type of heat, every extra gram in the workwear becomes an unnecessary irritation, causing perspiration or discomfort for the wearer. Previous workwear for industry has been plain and simple - both in details and fit – but with MASCOT® LIGHT, focus on comfort and function has been added. The positioning and size of the most essential details, such as pockets, have been thoroughly tested in order to make them perfect for industrial use. In addition, all buttons and zips are covered so they do not rub and scratch whatever is being worked on. Comfort is achieved through a thoroughly tested fit that offers excellent freedom of movement.

    Workwear - Grey & Black - MASCOT® LIGHT

    Quality for the money

    The pricing is low, but rest assured, there has been no compromise on quality. MASCOT® LIGHT offers quality for professionals, just as in our other ranges. All products in the new range are made from hard-wearing twill material. The products offer extra reinforcement around the pockets and in other exposed places, so they can withstand daily wear and tear and last longer. In addition, the products are sewn with a reinforcing three-needle seam in all exposed places.

    Tested to work

    MASCOT® LIGHT has been tested by workers in several of Europe’s major industrial companies, where the daily work takes place in temperatures approaching 40 degrees. All MASCOT® LIGHT workwear is TESTED TO WORK. This is MASCOT’s slogan and quality assurance, and it means that the products are both tested by potential end users before they go into production, and that the fabric has undergone testing in MASCOT’s own laboratories. Both of these processes ensure that the products live up to the stringent requirements, e.g., industrial laundering, colour fastness and wear. This benefits users in the form of the long lifetime of the products and as such, saves companies money in the long term. It also ensures effective laundry processes and efficient handling of the workwear. TESTED TO WORK is your guarantee of quality, when you buy your workwear from MASCOT.

    Models - MASCOT® LIGHT - 2015

    CSR certified workwear

    MASCOT® LIGHT is also workwear with a clear conscience. Our products are manufactured at MASCOT’s own factories in Vietnam, which have SA 8000 certification. SA 8000 is the most acknowledged international standard for corporate responsibility. When a supplier has this certification, consumers can be confident that the products have been manufactured under good and safe employee conditions.

    Easy, fast and error-free ordering

    At MASCOT, workwear isn’t the only product on the shelf. MASCOT also ensures efficient, error-free ordering on a large scale. MASCOT® SmartStore is a free online logistics and ordering system – perfect for large and medium-sized companies. With MASCOT® SmartStore, you can order MASCOT® LIGHT and other MASCOT products easily, quickly and without errors, saving companies both time and money. The system is customised for your company’s and employees’ workwear needs - with a fixed product catalogue for each employee. It is a very user-friendly system that can be used by anyone.

    Grey Work clothing - MASCOT® LIGHT - 2015

    The products will be in stock from June onward.