Lightweight winter jacket and outer shell jacket

    17001-411 - Outer Shell Jackets - MASCOT® ADVANCED
    Wed, 17 Jan 2018
    MASCOT launches a lightweight winter jacket and outer shell jacket in four-way stretch material that breaks the illusion that winter jackets have to be thick and heavy in order to be warm. The jackets are also extremely durable as well as breathable, wind and waterproof.

    When you work outside throughout the year, it is essential to have jackets that can protect you against wind and weather. For many, their experience when buying a new work jacket is that they have to compromise on comfort, but MASCOT now ensures that this is not necessary! MASCOT has launched the winter jacket MASCOT® ADVANCED 17035 and the outer shell jacket MASCOT® ADVANCED 17001 to offer you lightweight jackets with full freedom of movement and weather protection combined in the same jacket.

    Unsurpassed comfort

    The two newly launched jackets are made of a special lightweight stretch fabric. Due to the low weight the jackets are very comfortable to wear throughout the day. The stretch material offers you complete freedom of movement as the material follows the body’s movements, and the jackets also feature an ergonomic fit and form-cut sleeves to follow the body’s ergonomics.

    Versatile weather protection

    The winter jacket and the outer shell jacket are certified breathable, wind and waterproof (EN 343), which means that you get maximum protection against rain while getting rid of excess heat. Without breathability you risk getting wet under the jacket and then you become cold. The winter jacket also protects against cold (EN 342) by means of the exceptional insulating lining material CLIMASCOT®.

    Functional work jackets

    If it isn’t functional, it isn’t a work jacket! These jackets have an extremely high durability. All pockets, external and internal, have zippers, so the contents are safely stored. Ribbing at the cuffs and holes for your thumbs keeps your hands warm while fingers are free to work. To keep you visible at the work site, reflectors are integrated in the design, while the winter jacket also has a D-ring at the chest for ID-card.