New footwear collection made to businesses where a high level of hygiene is essential

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR - Safety Shoe, washing maschine
    Mon, 04 Nov 2019
    During autumn 2019, MASCOT launches a new footwear collection aimed at the food sector and other industries where a high level of hygiene and washability are essential. The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection includes shoes and sandals that are washable at 40 °C. The ability to wash footwear at such a high temperature and thereby prevent the spread of bacteria is unique in the industry. Washing at this temperature activates an antibacterial effect in the industrial washing detergent, thereby preventing the spread of bacteria and ensuring a high level of hygiene.

    Hygiene and washability are keywords in the new MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection. As opposed to MASCOT’s additional footwear collections, it has been essential that the shoes and sandals in this collection can withstand washing and thus uphold a high level of hygiene.

    Since the users of this new footwear collection often work within the food sector or other similar industries, it is essential that the footwear is suitable for laundry contracts. For that reason, the shoes and sandals are prepared for HF-chip insertion. The HF-chip is a high frequency chip that can store data such as the number of washes and ownership of the footwear.

    Comfort the entire day

    Optimum comfort throughout the working day is also prioritised in this collection. The footwear has an aerated inner lining made from microfiber. Microfiber is a particularly breathable material that provides your feet with the best comfort. The footwear also has aeration holes, allowing the feet to breathe.

    Safety features to protect your feet

    If you work in an environment, where wet and slippery floors constitute a safety risk, it is important that you choose footwear with a good sole. In MASCOT’s footwear assortment, all soles are slip resistant which means they are tested and approved in accordance with SRC. The sole pattern is also shaped to provide a firm grip on the surface, and to prevent dirt from sticking.

    All shoes and sandals in MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR are ESD approved, which means that the users do not have to worry about static electricity.

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    If you are looking for boots that can withstand washing at 40°C, look in our MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection. The boots are available with safety features and in three different colours; white, black and dark olive.

    Find the footwear from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR and MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collections at your local MASCOT distributor.

    2019 - MASCOT®  FOOTWEAR CLEAR - Work shoes without safety, Safety Sandals, Safety Shoes, Clogs