MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER is a collection of PU boots aimed at the food sector and other industries where a high level of hygiene and washability are essential (home washing and industrial washing).

    The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection includes sturdy and very durable boots that simultaneously provide optimum walking comfort. As with MASCOT's other collections of safety footwear, the boots in this collection have the highest level of slip resistance on the market, as all of the products in the collection have soles that are tested for slip resistance on both uneven and slippery surfaces (SRC).


    Washability and high level of hygiene

    The boots in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection are waterproof, which means they are easy to clean from dirt and bacteria. This makes the boots particularly suitable for areas where high levels of hygiene are essential. To prevent the spread of bacteria, the heels of the boots are designed in such a way that makes the boots easy to remove without the hands needing to touch them. This means you can keep your hands away from any areas where there may potentially be large amounts of bacteria that could be transferred to other parts of your clothing.

    The PU boots in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection are also suitable for laundry contracts, as they are prepared for the insertion of a high-frequency chip (HF chip). This chip can store data about the owner of the boots and washing processes. The HF chip can be inserted by MASCOT or by the laundry service.
    All boots in this collection are washable at 40° C. Washing boots at this temperature activates an antibacterial effect in the industrial washing detergent. This prevents bacteria from developing.

    Choose boots to suit your job

    The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection includes boots in three different colours; white (06), black (09) and dark olive (19). The boots are only available in one height, but if you want to adjust the height and the boots to suit individual needs, you can do this by simply folding down the upper.

    Different safety classes to choose from

    The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR COVER collection includes boots certified in accordance with the European standard for footwear without toe caps but for commercial use, EN ISO 20347, or in accordance with EN ISO 20345 – the European standard for safety footwear.

    The level of protection required can help indicate which boot to choose. If you don't need toe caps or protective midsoles, but want your footwear to be antistatic and to have a shock-absorbing sole, then it's worth choosing boots approved in accordance with EN ISO 20347, class O4. If you need a toe cap, choose safety boots approved in accordance with EN ISO 20345, safety class S4 or S5. The difference between these safety classes is that boots approved in accordance with safety class S5 also have protective midsoles.