MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR is one of two MASCOT footwear collections aimed at the food sector and other industries where a high level of hygiene and washability are essential. The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection includes shoes and sandals both with and without safety components.

    Comfort throughout the working day

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR provides your feet with optimum support and comfort. The footwear has an aerated inner lining made from microfiber. Microfiber is a particularly breathable material that provides your feet with optimum comfort throughout the working day. The footwear also has aeration holes, allowing the feet to breathe.

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR - Safety Shoe Max. 40° C, washing maschine

    Hygiene in focus

    A high level of hygiene is essential in those industries where footwear from the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection is used. That's why the shoes and sandals in this collection are washable at 40°C. Washing at this temperature activates an antibacterial effect in the industrial washing detergent, thereby preventing the spread of bacteria and ensuring a high level of hygiene.

    Shoes and sandals in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection are also suitable for laundry contracts, as they are prepared for HF-chip insertion. The high-frequency chip can store data, such as the number of washes and ownership. The chip is placed in a discreet pocket inside the shoe/sandal, where it won't irritate the user.

    MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR - Ultra Slip Resistant Sole

    Functions that increase your safety

    It's important that you are able to stand securely in order to avoid the risk of sliding on slippery, wet or uneven surfaces. Both shoes and sandals in the collection have slip resistant soles, which are tested and approved in accordance with SRC. The sole pattern is shaped to provide a firm grip on the surface, and to prevent dirt from sticking.

    As well as providing slip resistance, footwear in the MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection is also ESD approved. This means you won't have to worry about static electricity. Controlled static electricity is discharged from the body, which means that no damage will be caused to any sensitive electronic components.

    Different safety classes to choose from

    The MASCOT® FOOTWEAR CLEAR collection includes non-safety footwear as well as shoes and sandals that are certified in accordance with EN ISO 20345, safety classes S1 or S2. Footwear approved in accordance with safety classes S1 or S2 are antistatic and have slip-resistant soles, toe caps, and outer soles that are resistant to both oil and petrol. The only difference between safety classes S1 and S2 is whether the footwear is water-repellent. Footwear approved in accordance with EN ISO 20345, safety class S2, is water-repellent and therefore suitable for extended periods of work outdoors or in wet surroundings.