Healthy employees

    Zero hunger

    When you set up production facilities in developing countries, you have an obligation to increase health, wellbeing and safety for employees. Or at least that is how MASCOT sees it. That is why MASCOT provides free access to medical assistance and health information, as well as a free nutritious lunch for all employees.

    Good health and well-being

    MASCOT has around 2,400 employees in Southeast Asia working in a European work culture and with MASCOT's strong values. This results in safe, secure and decent workplaces with huge development potential for MASCOT's employees. The employment contract also includes access to a free medical clinic, health information, training in safety, and a good, free lunch.

    Happy and healthy employees are good employees

    Healthy and happy employees have energy for their job. This is noticeable in the production in Vietnam and Laos. Just like the European MASCOT employees, they are dedicated to the mission of creating the world's best workwear - based on durability in both production quality and in socially responsible production.

    Vietnam - Healthy employees - people eating lunch

    Free lunch

    Every day, MASCOT employees sit down to lunch and get a good, nutritious meal. MASCOT's doctors and nurses work closely with the chefs, and food samples are taken every day in order to ensure high levels of quality and to ensure a sufficient calorie content. MASCOT's lunch helps increase food safety and to improve the standard of nutrition for employees.

    Free access to doctors and healthcare staff

    Free access to doctors and healthcare staff

    All employees at MASCOT's factories can visit MASCOT's state-certified health clinics on a daily basis. The doctors and nurses don't just provide treatments. They also provide preventative healthcare and create information campaigns on various health topics. They also work on creating a positive mental working environment.

    CSR-certified production

    MASCOT's production is certified according to the most comprehensive certification within CSR – SA8000.

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