Decent jobs bring people out of poverty

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    No poverty

    Eliminate poverty

    MASCOT manufactures clothing in countries where poverty is a challenge in some areas. By providing decent jobs and corresponding pay, we help raise the standard of living in these areas. MASCOT therefore makes a significant socio-economic contribution to developing the poverty-stricken local areas that our employees come from. MASCOT is constantly expanding our production in Laos, so that we can employ more people and thereby further contribute to the socio-economic development in these countries. We tend to recruit our factory employees from the surrounding and often poverty-stricken villages. To reduce our employees' costs and increase their personal safety, MASCOT also provides daily transport between the factories and their villages.

    Gender equality

    Gender equality

    The 5th global goal focuses on ensuring gender equality, and on ensuring that women's and girls' rights are strengthened globally.

    More than 2,400 of MASCOT's employees work outside Europe, where gender inequality in society tends to be the greatest. Gender inequality here is noted in areas such as health, co-management and business activity.

    At MASCOT's factories in Vietnam, 86% of employees are women. In MASCOT's Laos factories, 81% of employees are women. MASCOT's policy is naturally for all employees to have the same opportunities, just as it is always the best qualified people who are employed, regardless of gender. With a majority of female employees, we reduce gender inequality, as business activity helps increase equality. Access to the company's free medical clinic also means that women's access to better health is increased.

    Decent work and economic growth

    Decent jobs and economic growth

    MASCOT invests heavily in innovation and market development. Both of these generate growth, which results in further productive employment as MASCOT's investments are made in both technology and management systems. This also applies to our production in Vietnam and Laos.

    Salaries for MASCOT's employees in Vietnam and Laos are increasing far more, year on year, on a percentage basis, than salaries in Europe. This means that MASCOT not only helps reduce inequality across borders, we also help to generally increase the level of pay in those areas where we have factories. And with the good working environment that we offer our employees, we also increase the working conditions in the local area in general, as otherwise employers in the region would lose their employees. We create decent jobs and thereby give other players in the local area an incentive to do the same.

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