Laboratory Tests

    MASCOT finds and selects fabrics for new products on the basis of extensive analytical work. The materials are selected for specific usage situations when their various qualities meet with the demands of both MASCOT and the target group.

    Man - Laboratory Tests - MASCOT

    MASCOT has its own laboratories in both Denmark and Vietnam. Physical and chemical tests are carried out here on a number of standardised machines to ensure the quality of, e.g. durability, tearing and tensile strength of the raw material, purity of colour, shrinkage, stability of dimension and weight. Tests for how sweat affects the colour of the clothes are also made as well as for how much stress the clothes can tolerate before lint is produced. The machines are running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Woman - Laboratory Tests - MASCOT® WORKWEAR

    The tests are carried out according to international standards. This means that the test results can be directly compared with, for example, the results of the contractors. MASCOT also tests the older material qualities on a regular basis. Random checks are made on every single delivery, ensuring us that the high demands for quality are continually maintained. This is also what 'TESTED TO WORK' is all about.