MASCOT® Offer Wizard

    Do you often make promotional flyers and offers for companies of all sizes? Need a tool to visually present your products and offers? With the MASCOT® Offer Wizard, you can quickly create professional offers for customers, as well as flyers to promote the products in your store.

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    The MASCOT® Offer Wizard is an offer generator built for MASCOT salespeople and distributors across the world. With the MASCOT® Offer Wizard, you and your colleagues can easily create flyers for promotional campaigns and offers for your customers. The tool is exceptionally user-friendly, allowing you to put together offers for small, medium and large companies in no time. Once you have finished making your offer or flyer, you can generate a PDF to either print out or send electronically to the customer.

    As a MASCOT distributor, you get easy access to the MASCOT® Offer Wizard. Go to the login page and select ”Create New Account”.

    MASCOT® Offer Wizard

    Are you not a distributor of MASCOT? Contact us to hear more about the MASCOT® Offer Wizard and other platforms and services that could increase your sales of MASCOT workwear and safety footwear.

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    Create your own offers and campaign flyers with the offer generator

    With the MASCOT® Offer Wizard, you always have access to MASCOT's complete range of workwear and footwear. Choose the colours and sizes of the products for which you wish to create an offer or flyer. You will also have the applicable price list to hand when giving offers to customers.

    The MASCOT® Offer Wizard gives you access to multiple pre-defined texts. These cover areas such as CSR and EN ISO 20471. It's easy to add information about services to suit the individual customer's needs. Thanks to these handy tools, creating a professional offer is easy! If you use the pre-defined texts, you can easily change the offer into other languages. This makes the MASCOT® Offer Wizard a great tool for international customers with departments in different countries.

    Once you have created an account, you get automatic access to a personal folder. Use it to create your own structure and overview of your offers and flyers. You also get your own media folder to upload your logos and images into. This allows you to personalise and adapt the material as required.

    If you have any questions about how to use the MASCOT® Offer Wizard, please contact MASCOT at any time.