Quality Control

    Control of fabrics

    The supplier, prior to the shipping of fabrics, sends a sample for laboratory approval. This sample is tested for, among other things; appearance, colour and weight. When later on the fabrics are delivered to the raw material store, all products are screened with a powerful light in order to localise any possible loom errors prior to production. At the same time, a random check is made of the products in the lab where a multitude of tests are carried out and registered. The fabrics must adhere to a certain criteria, which constitutes the basis of the controls made. This is in order to ensure both excellent and constant quality.

    Control of final products

    MASCOT's quality control is extremely comprehensive and is meticulously carried out through all stages of production. 70 people are employed in MASCOT's Vietnam factory with the sole purpose of checking the quality of our products. Our quality control is 100%. Quality control is carried out after all sub-operations, an inspection is made of the final product and one more random check is made.