Team Rosberg

    With a focus on quality, comfort and safety, MASCOT has prepared Team Rosberg for optimal performance on the race track. As Team Rosberg's official workwear provider under DTM (Deutsche Tourenswagen Masters), MASCOT delivers workwear directly to the team, both on the track and in the workshop. It helps ensure that this ambitious motorsport team has quality-assured and comfortable workwear when racing in the DTM.
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    Team Rosberg Race car

    Excellent combination of experience and talent development. With so much experience behind it, Team Rosberg has for several years been focused on developing future talent. With passion and professionalism at its core, the team has trained and developed drivers for races such as Formula 1, Formula 3 and, of course, DTM.

    Workwear for optimal results

    Whether working in the workshop or on the track, the workwear also has to be a team player. Team Rosberg uses MASCOT workwear in ULTIMATE STRETCH for its full freedom of movement and optimum comfort. And thanks to the products' high wear resistance, the team members are guaranteed optimal conditions when they need to perform at their best.

    Team Rosberg Drivers Nico Muller Dev Gore

    MASCOT's commitment to motorsport provides a solid platform for success for both Team Rosberg and MASCOT. When team members wear workwear in challenging circumstances, they provide valuable insight and useful feedback to help further develop the products. A collaboration that benefits both Team Rosberg and MASCOT.

    Team Rosberg Race car

    Quality on the race track

    Team Rosberg was founded by Formula 1 world champion Keke Rosberg in 1995. Since then, the team has been a major part of DTM, clocking more than 500 races and 5 titles. With drivers such as René Rast, Jamie Green, Nico Müller and Dev Gore, the team has played a major role in German motorsport series over the years.