MASCOT is Supplier of the Year

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    Sun, 03 Feb 2019

    MASCOT has won the award Danish Building Centres' Supplier 2019. Saint-Gobain Isover, ALFIX, Randers Tegl, Moland Byggevarer and Nilfisk Denmark were also in the running to win the prize.

    On the selection of MASCOT as Supplier of the Year for the construction sector, Chairman of Danish Building Centres (DB), Regional Director Carl Bladt Hansen, says: »Our members have nominated and selected MASCOT as the winner because MASCOT is skilled at always remaining one step ahead. This applies to everything they do, from the way MASCOT provides easily accessible ordering platforms with precise logistics information through to the way in which they work proactively to serve our customers with regards to sales support, store displays and customer events for end users. At the same time, MASCOT produces workwear products which are attractive both to us and to our customers as a result of their high product quality and constant innovation. MASCOT is a strong competitor because they offer their partners the whole package, so to speak.«

    We intend to live up to the prize – even going forward

    The team at MASCOT is exceptionally proud of the new award: »It is a huge honour to receive such a distinguished prize,« says MASCOT's managing director, Michael Grosbøl. »We are proud for so many reasons, but particularly because this award celebrates all of the many different aspects that are involved in being a good supplier. Over many years, it has been strategically important for us to perform well in all aspects of our collaboration, from innovation and production through to product quality, delivery and service.«

    Carl Bladt Hansen - Henrik Bach - Palle Thomsen

    From left to right: Chairman for Danish Building Centres Carl Bladt Hansen, Davidsen, Henrik Bach, MASCOT's Nordic Sales Director and Managing Director for Danish Building Centres Palle Thomsen.

    MASCOT offers solutions that create value

    It is also of enormous significance for MASCOT that it is the votes of distributors that have determined the winner. On this point, the Chairman of Danish Building Centres, Regional Director Carl Bladt Hansen, says: »It is our members – who work with MASCOT on a daily basis – that have voted and named MASCOT as the winner. This firmly underlines the fact that MASCOT not only offers the right solutions, but that their collaboration and service offerings are able to create value as well«.

    Michael Grosbøl underlines that the company's ability to create value through collaboration is something that will remain in focus going forward. MASCOT has no intentions to rest on its laurels following its receipt of the prize. »Quite the opposite, in fact. The prize simply incites us to perfect and develop on all fronts. We intend to do our utmost to live up to the trust that the building centres have shown in us by awarding us this prize, and we will do this by continuing to deliver innovative workwear in the future and by optimising and developing new service solutions for our customers. Our goal is to always remain one step ahead and to set the standard rather than follow it.«

    2019 - Michael Grosbøl CEO

    Michael Grosbøl, Managing Director of MASCOT

    Danish Building Centres is a professional trade organisation for a significant proportion of building centres in Denmark. It is the members – the individual building centres – which both nominate and then vote for their favourite candidate.