Everything in one place

    MASCOT® UNIQUE is single-coloured and two-tone workwear in nine colour combinations, a wide range of products and different fabric qualities, offering countless different combination possibilities. The range is suitable for all kinds of professions within both trade and industry, and many of the products are suitable for industrial washing.

    The broad range of product types means that no matter whether you work within trade or industry, you will find clothes that are perfect for you. The wide range of colours also makes it possible for you to choose clothes that match the style and profile of your organisation.

    Trousers in different fabric qualities

    MASCOT® UNIQUE offers trousers in three different fabric qualities. Each fabric quality has its own unique qualities that are suited for specific work situations and surroundings. For that reason, it is important that you always base your choice of material on your work duties and conditions such as temperature and weather.

    No matter whether you are looking for feather-light trousers or a very hard-wearing and wear-resistant material, you will find it in this range. Many of the trousers have CORDURA® reinforcements at particularly exposed places such as the knees and holster pockets. This helps ensure an extra high level of wear resistance when working at a fast tempo, and it also ensures that your trousers will last longer.

    Fabric quality 230: Ultra lightweight trousers . Trousers in a super light fabric quality (205g/m2) with a high cotton content. These trousers are ideal for work in industry and warm environments.

    Fabric quality 442: Light and very durable trousers. Light and very durable fabric quality for work in industry and all types of trade. These trousers are also well suited for industrial washing.

    Fabric quality 203: Strong and robust fabric with TENCEL®. Trousers in a robust and very durable fabric quality with cooling properties: These trousers are ideal for work within trade/construction. They are also well suited for industrial washing.

    Trousers with women’s fits

    The range also includes trousers for women in two different fits: DIAMOND and PEARL. The difference between the two fits is the relation between your hip and waist measurements.

    If the difference is less than 20 cm, then you should choose the PEARL fit. But if the difference is greater than 20 cm, then DIAMOND is the fit for you.

    The entire range for tops

    The MASCOT® UNIQUE range pretty much has everything you could need. All within this one range, you can find moisture-wicking inner layers, insulating middle layers and wind and waterproof outer layers. By layering up in different combinations, you are guaranteed optimal protection all throughout the year.

    Many of the tops are developed with CLIMASCOT® – a lightweight lining to help your body keep the heat in. The lining material is made of 35% recycled polyester.

    Wide selection of products that are suitable for industrial washing

    A lot of the workwear in MASCOT® UNIQUE is suitable for industrial washing and drying. Look out for the ProWash® symbol to find products that are well suited for industrial washing.

    Mix and match across the ranges

    We have made it easy to combine products in the range with products from the entire MASCOT assortment, so you can put together a workwear outfit that matches your personal style and professional profile. The colours are the same across multiple ranges – so you will have no trouble creating the perfect outfit in your preferred colours.

    Mix and match the products in MASCOT® UNIQUE with more than 700 products in the assortment.