GMB Motorsport

    MASCOT is the main sponsor for GMB Motorsport which with passion and dedication has a clear goal to make a difference within the world of Danish motorsports. Employees in the team are kitted out in ULTIMATE STRETCH workwear which ensures optimal conditions for high performance.

    GMB Motorsport has a clear ambition to be the best in their field. This determination to be the best is something we share here at MASCOT. We strive continuously after opportunities to develop and improve, and likewise we endeavour to be the best within our industry. That is why we chose to collaborate with GMB Motorsport, which just like MASCOT also has a connection to Silkeborg – making us a perfect match.

    Through many years of involvement in the world of motorsports, we know that it takes passion and dedication to be first over the finish line. In their quest for the fastest lap time, GMB Motorsport adopts both a professional and a perfectionist approach to what they do – and this aligns with our TESTED TO WORK approach. That is why we are very pleased that through our collaboration with GMB Motorsport, we can help to support the development of some of Denmark’s – and hopefully also the world’s – future motorsports stars.

    Workwear without limits

    Beyond MASCOT logos on GMB Motorsport cars and racing suits, the team will also be wearing MASCOT workwear in ULTIMATE STRETCH which will ensure all employees full freedom of movement and optimum comfort. Moreover, the clothing’s high level of wear resistance will provide the team with optimal working conditions so they can perform at their very best.

    Focus on talent development

    The Danish motorsports team GMB Motorsport was formed to make a difference in the world of Danish motorsports. Their primary focus is on helping young and upcoming talents to develop from budding prodigies within go-karting to first-class drivers in the standard classes TCR and GT3 and within the huge international scene around the Le Mans endurance race. Talent development does not end with the racers – the team also places great emphasis on developing its mechanics and other roles.