Workwear for electricians

    Are you an electrician looking for workwear of the highest quality that combines functionality, comfort and a high level of wear resistance? That is precisely what you will find at MASCOT, as our workwear for electricians has been developed with your needs in mind, providing the durability, fit and comfort that will allow you to perform to the max – each and every day.

    The best features and details

    Our range of workwear for electricians includes a wide variety of products, so you can pick the ones that best suit your needs and the demands of your sector. Our workwear for electricians places focus on functionality and details, such as the number of pockets and their position, so you will always have space for your tools and equipment.

    If you often work from a kneeling position over the course of the working day, then it is a great idea to choose workwear trousers with kneepad pockets that you can fit with the kneepads that best suit your needs.

    You can also choose workwear trousers with holster pockets that act as an extra "toolbox" that you always have within reach. And if you select pockets with our unique Click Pocket System, then you can choose between several different holster pockets – we have even developed specific holster pockets for users who work as electricians. As an added bonus, holster pockets with the Click Pocket System can even be moved across trousers, 3/4-length trousers and shorts. Holster pockets with the Click Pocket System are sold separately.

    Certification in order

    As an electrician, you are sometimes subjected to high temperatures, sparks or electricity, all of which comprise a risk. It is therefore essential that you choose workwear that will protect you. For that very reason, we offer a wide range of flame-retardant products, which protect you from sparks, flame contact and hot materials.

    EN ISO 11612 and 14116 reduce the risk of your workwear igniting, should it come into brief contact with sparks and fire. If you work in an environment where you are subjected to longer periods of heat or sparks, you should wear clothing with a higher level of protection. In addition to EN ISO 11612 and 14116, we also offer workwear for electricians that protects against light arcs (IEC 61482-2), electrostatic charging (EN 1149-3/5) and welding (EN ISO 11611).

    Read more about the different certifications here

    MASCOT also recommends that you always wear protective gear for your head, hands, feet and other exposed areas.