Light industry and logistics

MASCOT offers a wide range of workwear and footwear for light industry and logistics. Our assortment includes workwear and footwear for chauffeurs, service engineers, and warehouse and production employees. Common to our workwear are smart and simple details and optimum protection. Durability and functionality are particularly important factors.

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Workwear for light industry and logistics has fewer pockets and details than many other types of workwear. This is partly because work in these industries does not require pockets for storing tools, and because pockets and objects risk getting stuck in e.g. machinery. We also offer workwear in thin and lightweight fabrics. When working in high temperatures, such as in proximity to large machines or in warehouses, light workwear is essential.

MASCOT's products for production companies have covered buttons and zips, so that they do not rub and scratch against their surroundings.

Hard-wearing workwear

The products designed for light industry and logistics are made from very durable materials. Whether you choose trousers in 100% stretch, twill fabric or twill fabric with stretch zones, you get hard-wearing and very durable products, even after repeated use and washing. Some of the products in this segment are also suitable for industrial washing.

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Work shoes without safety

Having the right footwear for your working conditions is essential. Our assortment therefore includes footwear designed for light industry and logistics. You will find sandals, shoes, boots, clogs and PU boots/wellingtons, where safety and comfort are key. You can also choose products by specific properties, such as footwear that is water-repellent, shock absorbing, slip resistant and ESD-approved.