CLIMASCOT® Lightweight Insulation is an advanced, lightweight lining with excellent insulation properties. The lining is used in many of MASCOT's winter and thermal jackets. It makes sure your whole body stays warm throughout all of the varying environments that many of us encounter over the course of a working day.

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    CLIMASCOT® is breathable and quick-drying. On an active working day in cold surroundings, CLIMASCOT® lining will help your body to get rid of any excess heat and keep you from getting cold and wet. This ensures a high level of comfort for the user.

    Polyester provides stability and a thermal effect

    The lining is made from polyester which is an extremely stable material. The polyester fibres create a mesh-like structure which holds a large number of small air pockets between the fibres. It is precisely these air pockets which create the lining's thermal effect. The air is warmed by excess heat from the body and the polyester fibres trap the warm air molecules.

    A huge advantage of using polyester is that it gives the lining a high degree of stability both when being used and when being washed, with the air pockets reforming all on their own after being squashed together.

    CLIMASCOT® takes up very little space when compressed which means you can easily fold up your thermal jacket and tuck it into your bag when on the go. Moreover, its low weight and density mean that the lining won't restrict your movements during the working day.

    35% recycled polyester

    Recycled polyester is used in CLIMASCOT® in order to protect our environment and to reuse as many resources as possible. The CLIMASCOT® lining is thus made from 35% recycled polyester.

    Dress in layers with CLIMASCOT®

    MASCOT recommends opting for layers when putting together your outfit for the working day. Choose a moisture wicking product for your base layer, followed by a warm, insulating and breathable layer and then an outer layer that will protect you from the elements.

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    With their excellent insulating properties, products with CLIMASCOT® lining make for the perfect middle layer. You can often get away with just two layers in the milder seasons – a moisture wicking layer and an insulating layer.