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Craft trades and minor construction covers workwear and footwear that are designed for various tradesmen professions such as plumbers, painters and electricians. Clothing within this category comes with a number of cleverly positioned features and details. They offer many different pockets with space for hammers, pencils, knives and rulers that will help ensure your tools are always close to hand. These workwear garments also place focus on durable materials which means that your trousers will be able to withstand hard graft day in day out for a very long time. Clothes in this category also boast CORDURA® fabric in those places which are most often exposed to wear – another factor which helps ensure a long lifetime for your products. 

Tested by tradesmen

All of our workwear has been developed in close collaboration with working professionals who have thoroughly tested the products. Using their feedback, MASCOT has developed workwear that lives up to the requirements and needs of your every day work. MASCOT's workwear for the craft trade and light construction sector are perfectly designed to make you feel at home in your clothing and leaving you free to concentrate on your work.

See what your colleagues in the industry have to say about MASCOT's workwear trousers in 100% elasticated material:

Niclas - Carpenter

Niclas - Carpenter

»MASCOT’s stretch trousers are the perfect trousers for any craftsman who wants complete freedom of movement and trousers with a great fit. You can barely feel that you’re wearing these trousers. Other trousers with holster pockets easily get heavy and the trousers get weighed down, but these have just the right fit. The perfect trousers for me. I don’t want to wear any other trousers.«
Simon - Electrician

Simon - Electrician

»I would say that these trousers are the best on the market; the four-way stretch makes the job easy. I used to compare them to a good pair of outdoor trousers. I am especially pleased with the fit. Regardless of what I do and how many times I wear them, before I wash them, they always fit perfectly. You get freedom in these trousers.«
Andreas - Carpenter

Andreas - Carpenter

»In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about the fabric and the fact that they are a somewhat closer fit, but it has turned out to be an advantage. Because of the close fit, I am more flexible when I have to change position. The pockets are nice and strong, and I really like that when you go to get in your car, you can easily unzip the pockets and hop in without all the tools. The kneepad pockets are 100% functional, and it is nice with ventilation when the zippers are open. In other trousers you can’t have the kneepads in all day because it will be too warm, but with MASCOT® ADVANCED you have ventilation that actually works as it should.«


As a tradesman it is important that you have the freedom to move as you need to. Your workwear should be pleasant to wear and nothing should feel tight or irritating when you work in different positions. MASCOT has therefore developed a 100% elastic fabric that guarantees ultimate comfort without compromising on durability or wear resistance. The workwear follows the movements of your body no matter your working position. Clothing in elastic fabric is the perfect choice for anybody who wants maximum freedom of movement in their work.

Construction site - Work - MASCOT® ADVANCED


Safety and comfort are paramount when choosing the right footwear for working in trade and construction. Firstly, the footwear needs to protect your feet from e.g. falling objects, and from objects on the building site that could pierce the sole of the foot. You also need a high level of comfort, so that the footwear feels comfortable to wear for many hours at a time. MASCOT's assortment includes safety shoes, sandals, short boots and high boots, all of which are suitable for the construction industry.