EN ISO 11612 & 14116

    On this site, you can find two certifications that offer protection against heat and fire. You can read about both certifications below and then easily find the products that fit your work situation.

    EN ISO 11612

    EN ISO 11612

    Workwear from MASCOT certified in accordance with EN ISO 11612 is made of a material that protects the wearer from exposure to heat and fire.

    EN ISO 11612 certified workwear that protects the wearer against heat and fire. The EN ISO 11612 standard describes clothing that is manufactured in a material designed to protect the user’s body from heat and/or fire. With the exception of EN ISO 11612 certified hoods, products that offer protection of head, hands and similar are not covered by this standard. We recommend using additional protection for these exposed areas. EN ISO 11612 certified safety clothing is suitable for industrial workers, electricians and so on.

    EN ISO 14116

    Products from MASCOT with EN ISO 14116 certification describe safety clothing that protects against heat and fire.

    The EN ISO 14116 standard specifies safety apparel, materials and material compositions with limited flame spread. Safety clothing certified in accordance with EN ISO 14116 protects the user from short-term, accidental contact with heat or sparks. For longer exposure to heat, additional protection is required. Workwear certified in accordance with EN ISO 14116 lowers the chance that the safety clothing will ignite and pose as a safety hazard for the user.